From Filthy Chat To Filthy Fun

I thought it appropriate, after last Saturday’s horrid appointment, that I would counter balance things by telling you about the positive experience I had a week to the day.

Very much like the previous appointment, the gentleman I seen yesterday had travelled a long way to see me, I also collected him from his arrival point (Newcastle Airport) and dropped him back at the mainline station for his onward journey to Durham.
I had been chatting to this gentleman for a while.  He seen an advert I run for overnights and thought I was based in the south of the country, he didn’t realise that I was based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, however he did note that I offered sex and text live chat.  So he booked a number of sessions of both filthy text and filthy voice chat over the space of a few months and also kept in touch by text too.  He told me on a few occasions that he sometimes traveled to Newcastle and would keep me in mind for a future appointment.  Three months later, here he was.
He had a small list of requests, all of which were do-able except for one small item, but we got around that, I picked him up from the airport at the exact time we agreed and he came back to my home for an extended liaison.  He was a little apprehensive about booking “another gay male escort” because of various incidences he had in the past, one of which was an escort off their nut on pills and another escort who just didn’t turn up because he was baby sitting all day and was tired,  I assured him I was nothing like that and a complete contrast to his previous experiences.
The time together went perfectly.  My attention to detail was as precise as always.  I wore Levi jeans, a crisp white Thomas Pink shirt and handmade shoes to collect him from the airport and underneath I wore a sheer black see through thong. A glass of fine red wine on arrival with frivolous chat about how I ended up as an executive escort, my background and my plans for the future were the topic of discussion and then it was time for action.  
The appointment went over far too quickly and after we had finished, we had another small glass of wine and I took him into the bleak, rainy, dull city centre for his onward journey.  
We had agreed my fee in advance of the appointment and I rarely check things but I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had left me a substantial tip.  He also sent me a lovely text message when he boarded his train with a thank you for the time together and I also thanked him back for the unexpected tip.  I had just run out of Duty Free Gin on Friday so I got myself a nice bottle in Sainsburys on the way home.  I put the tip to good use and bought myself something that I appreciate.  There’s nothing like a nice Gin and Tonic after a long day at the office.
A lovely warm generous man who made this Saturday, a lovely Saturday. 

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