From Russia With Love

About a month or so ago. I received a phone call, early one evening. The caller id came up as +7 and as you know, the newer phones, like mine, will display the country of origin too. This said Russia.  I thought oh who is ringing me from Russia.  A lovely sounding guy asked me if he could make an advanced appointment for a couple of weeks time.  He was staying at a nice city centre hotel.  He had already emailed me with a general outline but I’d not picked up the email at that stage and so we agreed on a date and time and I said I’d email him back to find out exactly what he wanted from the appointment.   Everything flowed well after the initial contact and it was an appointment I was looking forward to.

I arrived on time, super well dressed, composed myself outside his suite door and then knocked.  A very good looking gentleman greeted me at the door, tall, masculine and very well spoken.  I knew instinctively that the appointment was going to go well.  He immediately handed me an envelope with my fee, which I put straight into my bag.  I didn’t check it, I didn’t need to because the trust was there from the moment I walked in the door.  That speaks volumes when you can do something like that.  Having done this work for a long time, I know what is going to be a great appointment and what is not.
He poured me a nice glass of Chardonnay, he had ordered on room service and we had a chit chat about how I got into the work and what brought him to Newcastle for a few days.  My satchel bag intrigued him and he wanted to know what goodies I had brought with me.  I knew in advance that he liked raunchy sex and lots of it so I took my handcuffs and a couple medium toys and one huge dildo. The excitement was too much and without a moment to spare, his pants were down, mine were down, I was blindfolded and all sorts of unspeakable filthy stuff was done to me.  The things he can do with an anal beads toy is too much to print.
Everything was nicely paced out, with wine in between, a meal on room service in between, chitty chat and laughing in between, me showing him how he could watch UK television in Russia via an iPad, in between.  He had a lovely big fat cock for me, really nice, which I dutily performed extended deep throat on, as deep as he has ever had it.  The sighs from him as my mouth slid right down the shaft made me realise just how good it must have felt.    In the space of 4 hours, I had one load in my eye, one shot over my back, nearly missing my neck and one dribbled down my well fucked arse crack.  This guy could shoot spunk for Russia, my god he shot his load for miles each time.  I was very impressed.   When it hit my eye, it made a splat sound that confirmed it came out of his cock at 400 miles an hour hahahahahahahahaha.
The evening ended all too soon and I throughly enjoyed every minute of it.  Sometimes I dread longer appointments, especially if the guy isn’t chatty or inexperienced, I need not have worried, my client from Russia was a real stud and it was a fantastic evening.  
He’s asked me if I would travel further afield to see him again if he finds himself in London next year.  Of course I would. I’d be there like a shot.  Travelling is not an issue for me, especially if its to visit someone I’ve seen before.  
A wonderful evening had by all I think.  One I hope to repeat. 

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