Full On

21st July 2011

Gosh, did I need that glass of wine or two last night.

I had an enquiry at 6pm for a 7pm arrival.  He said he couldn’t commit at that stage but would ring back later.  I didn’t hear anything else until about 6.45pm when he phoned back and said he was leaving a job he’d been working on in Blaydon and could be there in 15 minutes.  That was fine by me, I am usually ready at most times anyway.

7pm arrived and in walked a mid 40’s greying manual worker in his work gear (always a turn on), very respectful and he asked for a quick shower (always the sign of a gentleman – nothing worse than pissy dick) so whilst he had a shower I made myself comfortable on the bed and got half undressed.  He emerged from the en-suite with a raging hard on but made a beeline for my cock.  What a cocksucker, he was very horny.  He asked if I did rimming, oh yes I do rimming, it’s my speciality I told him.  I got him on all fours and licked out his lovely clean hole.   “Shove your big fat dick up me Steve” he said.  Well who could resist.  In it went without much bother “Fuck me hard and deep he said”.  Deep, oh I am sure I can do that.

After about 5 minutes he wanted to be on top.  Oh this guy knew how to fuck.  Then we had it against the wall in the room and then over the bottom of the bed.  “Don’t cum up there, cum in my mouth after I’ve fucked you”, so I pulled out, got on all fours whilst he fucked the arse off me silly.  He was ready to cum, so he pulled out and bent over again “Fuck me stupid”, I did and just as I was ready to pop, I pulled out and dumped the whole lot in his mouth, he then stood up and dumped the whole lot in my mouth.

Quick shower again, chit chat and he was off.  As I walked back into the room to tidy up I looked at the alarm clock at the side of the bed.  It was 7.29.  All that in 27-28 minutes.  No wonder I needed that glass of wine.

Talk about full on.  That guy was rampant, he can come back anytime.

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