Fun Monday

I did have a very good Monday, just two appointments but fun filled ones. I started the day off with a very early appointment. Yes I was entertaining a young guy at approximately 8.40am. An early start by escorting standards. You tend to be busier around lunch time and afternoons in this work. I don’t mind the early appointments because anyone who follows me on Twitter will already know I am up and about at around 7am every morning.

My 8.40am client sounded about 40 on the phone, when he turned up he was little over 23. Truth that you never can tell what someone sounds like on the phone. He was quite nervous, to begin with, but it wasn’t long before his union jack boxer shorts were off and he was into the moment. He wasn’t that demanding either, just nice and easy going until he really got into it and then it was bedroom olympics time. A thoroughly good start to the day.

I took another advanced appointment for my Carlisle trip then popped into Gosforth for a pub lunch and a little bit of shopping. I met up with a friend and she was asking if I was bust as usual. Yes…. but I was missing a certain client who I hadn’t seen in over a month. Normally I will see him every 10 days and he did email me a few weeks back but I had an appointment booked in at home at the same time he wanted. I thought he would book the following day but he didn’t.. then bingo, he text me just after I finished lunch and invited me along to his home in Corbridge for another sleazy session.

He’s very full on and knows what he wants and what he wants is my ass. I had a slow drive home, pumped full of air from my lovely Northumberland guy. It was 4pm when I arrived home and the sun was shining brighly in my little garden and so I decided it was officially wineoclock.

Nothing came in yesterday evening and so it was an early night. I was asleep a little after 10pm, wondering what Tuesday would bring.

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