Gay Disabled Cum Fun

30th April 2012

I was contacted over the weekend by a guy, just outside of Durham who was wheelchair bound. He asked what services I could provide that could be tailored to him. I asked about what he was physically capable of and it wasn’t a lot. He was more interested in a toy show.

I arrived at his home, it was an adapted bungalow, easy to find but the sort of place you’d retire to. He was only 42 himself but it was perfect for him. I walked in and he had a glass of wine ready and his iPhone to one side. He wanted to record the session which, as I have said before, is not a problem as long as my face isn’t shown.

He moved across to his adapted bed and sat upright on the bed with one of my dildo’s pointing upwards from his crotch. “Sit on that juicy bareback cock”, so facing him, I slid down on the dildo he was grasping with both hands and took it all the way to the hilt. With one hand on the dildo, me riding it and his other hand on my cock, we started to kiss, he asked me to bend over with my arse facing him, he continued to drill my hole with the 8 inch black cock, pulling it out and admiring my open hole. I’d taken about 5 toys along including my double ender. “Let see how much of this you can get up your fuckhole”. He pushed the double ender up an inch at a time until it could go no further. I had almost 10 inches of cock up my hole, which he pulled out to the tip and then fucked back up me.

“Spunk into this cup Steve, mate”, he said. So whilst he was fucking me with a dildo, I wanked off into a china tea cup. I cum and passed him the cup. “Can you still take cock after you’ve cum”. “Yes”, I replied, “But don’t ram it in hard at first please, give me a chance to recover a little”.

He pulled out the double ender and slapped the end on my hole. He picked up the thick 8 inch black dildo and started teasing my hole, “Bend right over Steve and cock your arse as high as you can”. I did and my hole stayed open, at which point he poured my cum, straight from the cup into my arse, every drop. “Right hold it there mate for 5 minutes and we’ll have some cum fun”.

I lay on the bed with a least 6 spurts of my own spunk up my hole. Time for round two.

He prodded my arse a few times with his finger and licked around the opening of my hole. In went my small black butt plug, which came back out of my arse in a very sticky mess, then in went the fat stumpy white dildo. The spunk was coming out of my arse and running down my balls. He kept scooping it up with his fingers and pushing it back in. He got the black dildo which was much bigger and started fucking my arse hard with it, looking in awe of the spunk clinging to the dildo and creaming it up, everytime it came out of my arse. “Look at that fucking spunky hole, you dirty slut”. Yes I was a bit of a dirty slut. He proceeded to fuck me slowly, taking out the dildo, wanking the cum covered dildo in his hand and inserting it back in. “Fuck, Steve, this is a first for me, I’ve never had such a good time playing with cum and arse”.

It had been a long time since I had such a dirty twat to play with too.

Splendid appointment

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