Glad To Be Back To Normal

I was so pleased to open my emails to find a few advanced appointments in.  It looks like guys were sitting at their desktop last night planning their schedules for the next couple of weeks.

It was a very quiet Christmas.  From 24th to the 31st December, I only seen a few guys, nothing like I have had in recent years, however December itself was the busiest I have ever had in all of the years I have been involved in sex work.  I was run off my feet in the two weeks before Santa came to visit.

Things are settling down now and getting back to normal.  The roadworks are back on Great North Road, the queues of traffic are building up from 7.30am and I am hoping that my daytime Mr White Van Man crowd will be back as normal from today, now that everyone is getting back into their routine.

Here’s to a sexy January.


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