Hairy Dad

14th July 2012

I have made no secret of the fact that I love sex with balding hairy businessmen.  There’s just something really sexy and horny about sucking on the cock of a big stocky bulky man with tons of chest hair to run your fingers though.  That type of guy was my Friday night fuck and he was one hell of a fuck.
I walked into his Quayside hotel room before he ventured out for a night with his mates in Newcastle.  As soon as he opened the door I got an immediate erection.  Here was this big bulk of a bloke, about 47 years old, stood in front of me in jogging pants and a tee shirt, with thick hairy arms and about 3 days growth of subble on his chin.  WOW.
His hands made a beeline straight for my arse and I was told to get down on my knees and deep throat him.  His cock was about 8 inches and very thick, it took some getting down my throat and I could taste his salty pre-cum oozing out of his cock.  He got me on the bed and told me to bend over, he proceeded to tongue out my fuckhole, darting in and out of my arse and rubbing his rough chin up and down the crack between my arse cheeks.  He grabbed a belt from the chair at the side of the bed and slapped my arse with it, telling me I was going to get fucked stupid.  He started to rub his rock hard cock on my arse crack and then with one big push he was inside.  He told me to pull my cheeks apart so he could get all the way in there.  He proceeded to fuck me like a crazed animal until his cock pulsated and he dumped a weeks load of spunk.  He pulled out of my arse, took off the rubber and stuffed his cock in my mouth to clean up.    I slobbered on his thick dick until it went soft, at which point he got my thick black dildo and rammed it up my arse, fucking me harder and hard and faster until I could take no more and I shot a massive load of cum all over his hairy chest.  He scooped up the spunk with his fingers and rammed them up my arse, pushing the spunk deep into my hole.
“That’s me done” he said.  ”I’m due downstairs in 10 minutes.  Cheers for that”.
The pleasure was all mine

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