Hard Work

8th August 2011

A lot of guys think that being an escort is easy money, let me tell you now, it’s not.  Yes…. you get the nice guys, the ones who are respectful and take their time and appreciate what’s on offer.  Well Sunday was one of those days.

I’d had a 3pm booked in for a couple of hours for almost the entire week, it’s a nice guy who I have seen about 4 times in the last year, I know he sees other escorts both male and female so it’s nice to see he still comes back regularly.  I know he likes me to cum in his mouth, plus fuck me a couple of times and take things slow, so I wasn’t that fussed about taking an earlier appointment because I like his appointment to be perfect.

At 1,15pm yesterday, a guy phoned me after obtaining my number from a fellow escort who wasn’t around on Sunday.  He asked what my rates were and then asked if I did any specials.  He said he just wanted a blow job, so we agreed on a £20 quick blow job session.  It’s partly my mistake here because I wasn’t specific at how long the £20 blow job was but I was very clear that I didn’t cum during the session and I did mention that the £20 quick blow job was cheaper than £40 half hour.  I wrongly presumed he’d know what I meant.

He arrived at 1.45pm, dropped his pants and I got to work, he kept pulling me off his cock which didn’t really please me, he was delaying cumming.  After 30 minutes he started making the noises  like he was going to come, after 45 minutes I had jaw ache and had to take a rest and was conscious of my 3pm arriving in 30 minutes.    I asked him if I could finish off wanking him.  “Well I did pay for a blow job”.  Hmm yeah and you would have cum a long time ago if you didn’t keep pushing me off it.  Anyway I had to be up front with him and tell him I had a 3pm, he let me get on with it and I did allow him to cum in my mouth.  He still fannied about and didn’t leave until 2.50pm after he had a shower.  Never again !!  I text the escort who passed my number on and said “Cheers he was a nightmare” to which I got the reply “I know Steve he thinks 30 minutes is an hour, he’s hard work”.  God I wish I’d had a heads up on that because I wouldn’t have taken the appointment, I was harrassed to fuck before my 3pm arrived.  The thing is I can’t be rude to people and say time’s up, but very few guys take the piss anyway and I thought I had enough time to squeeze in a quickie.  I was wrong.

Anyway, I was rewarded with a nice 2 hour appointment, a bottle of Sancerre and the fuck of all fucks off my lovely 3pm client.  He was rewarded with two fucks and some deep rimming.  Later, I met a friend on the High Street at 6pm and had a vegetarian Sunday lunch and two pints of Erdinger.  I’d clocked off from cock for the night, that hard work one was enough for the day.

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