Hello 2014

Hello 2014
The year 2013 was a very good year for me, I remained as popular as ever, met some lovely people and ended the year on a particular high, which happened after my final blog post of the year.  The year 2014 is looking good in many ways and I am walking into this year with a very happy outlook indeed.
I came into escort work, completely by accident.  It was never a chosen career.  If someone said to me in the mid 90s that I’d spend most of my adult life making other men “happy” I’d have thought they were absolutely bonkers.  It’s an alternative career and as I was discussing with a very lovely gentleman last weekend, I could go back to a professional career but I choose not to because I actually like where I am at in life and I like what I am doing with my life.  
There’s no escaping from the fact that I offer sex, I am ok with that and anyone who has met me, knows that I am not the typical guy who does this type of work and that’s because I am the middle class gentleman who makes you feel good.  I don’t answer to anyone, I don’t discuss our time with anyone because the time we spend together is our time and it’s private.  I might discuss aspects on the blog but generally what ever happens between you and I, is private and confidential.
Some appointments in 2013 were better than others, not every guy I see is great, sometimes I question what I am doing and its fair to say that at some point I might just hang up that jockstrap and move on with my life.  None of us know what is around the corner.  I am starting 2014 being very positive, I have a few personal things happening in the background and although I have an idea of where they are going, at this stage, I need to see where that adventure is taking me and what will become of it.  
When 2013 ended, I closed the blog down with an end of year recap of all the interesting things that happened in my escorting life.  My life is different every day of the week.  I get slow days, I get super busy days, I get sad days and I get happy days.  No two days are the same. In 2013 I walked into an appointment as Steve and walked out as the real me.  In other words, I walked into an appointment as Steve and walked out showing the real me, the real me that isn’t Steve Gay Escort, if you understand what I mean. After years and years of doing this work, I have never let my guard down but something changed in 2013 and I ended up doing just that.  I let one person see who I really am and I don’t regret that because I couldn’t be Steve Gay Escort around him, it was the real me.   
My last liaison of 2013 between Christmas and New Year, after my last blog post had been published, was my most exciting yet.  I went through a whole year of seeing gentlemen, to end the year on my finest moment.  I didn’t see anyone else after that because that had to be the finale to a very good year.  That was my decision to make and it was personal to me.
I wonder to myself, what 2014 will have in store for me.  At this moment in time, I don’t know to be perfectly honest. I am hoping it will be a happy time for me and because I spend all of my energy making gentlemen happy, I am hoping that some of that happiness may end up being returned to me.  A lot of what I do is making sure that you are the happy party in the liaison, but I’ve found myself in the situation in 2013 where the gentleman I was with, made it his purpose to make me feel good about myself and I have to say, I liked that.  It was refreshing and it was nice and that’s how I let my guard down.
One thing I do know in 2014 is that I will try and keep the blog as up to date as I can because my bizarre life does capture the interest of a lot of people, some of whom are just nosy, some of whom just want to read the smut, but some of whom are genuinely interested in a different life to their own, a bit of escapism where they can read about what makes a mid 30s middle class gay escort tick and how he copes with providing a very personal service in a sophisticated and eloquent way.  
Let’s hope 2014 is a good year for everyone and I hope you carry on reading about the Exploits Of A Gay Newcastle Escort.
Steve x

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