Holidays, Happy Appointments, then a Huffy Man

Thank you to everyone who liked and commented on my holiday pictures from my recent visit to Turkey.  I’ve already booked my return visit for Spring 2015, something I am already looking forward to.

I took a number of enquiries, whilst abroad and everyone who sent texts or emails during that period was also respectful of the fact I was on holiday.

On my return, I was inundated with enquiries and bookings.  I had a lovely trip out for the afternoon to see one of my favourite gentlemen, I had a fabulous appointment with a businessman visiting from Norway, a wonderful appointment with a super sexy deaf guy, the return of a very special Sunday morning man and various other new and existing gentlemen sprinkled across the week.

Whilst on holiday, I took an advanced appointment for Saturday evening.  It was for two hours, to begin early evening.  The gentleman was from outside the area and was making a special journey to visit me especially.  I think is always a lovely gesture and I always make an extra special effort when I know that guys are coming to visit me from afar.  Out came the wine glasses, with a chilled bottle of Chilean White in an ice cooler waiting in the dressing area of my bedroom.  I wore an freshly laundered shirt and smart jacket with a brand new jockstrap to boot.  I knew what time he was arriving at the mainline station and I arranged to collect him at Regent Centre Metro Station.  The metro, for those of you who don’t know, is a smaller version of the London Underground which covers much of the metropolitan area.  He was a little delayed and we agreed it would be best to reduce the appointment time to 90 minutes.  I was happy with this because there simply wouldn’t have been enough time for two hours.

I arrived at the station to the sound of fire alarms and waited on the access road to the station for about 15 to 20 minutes.  once it was clear I drove into the station car park.  Twenty minutes later, my client telephoned me and said they were stuck between South Gosforth and Regent Centre stations.  I said that was fine, I added that there wasn’t a fire, it was a gang of youths who smashed the fire bell and that it should be all over in a few moments because the fire truck had departed the scene.

Five minutes later, I received another phone call, which I presumed was going to be my client alighting from the station and wondering how to find the car park but I wasn’t prepared for what was going to happen.  At this point, I had been waiting for over 45 minutes in the station car park, I answered the call, relieved that he was finally here and he said “Listen Steve, this has been an awful journey”.  I agreed and said “Yes I know… why don’t you just come for one hour and I will take you by car, from my home, directly to the mainline station at 7pm, therefore giving you plenty of time to catch your train”.  His reply astonished me.  He said “No, I am just going to stay at the station and turn around, I am not in the mood anymore”.  To say I was furious was an understatement.  Not only had I sat there, in the car park for the best part of 50 minutes, I had offered, at no extra charge, to take him into the city centre, I had offered to reduce my time and my fee to one hour and this man didn’t even have the decency to appear from the station to say hello.  He could hear the annoyance in my voice and took offence at what he later described as my “lack of empathy and class”.  What did he expect me to do, jump out of the car and start singing a little number from the Sound of Music.  What incensed me was that this man cancelled on me within 50 yards of my presence and didn’t have the decency to say it to my face.  How did he expect my tone to sound.  Lack of empathy and class…. that’s a good one from the person with a lack of manners and decency. I was astonished, saddened and to be quite honest……. shocked.

He tried to telephone me again, whilst I was driving home, after my completely wasted journey.  It was worse than a hoax outcall because I had pulled out all of the stops to make it happen, which fell on deaf ears because he was more concerned about his own little huff over the train and the fact my station was seemingly on fire, all of which was outside anyone’s control, yet I was the one to suffer.

When I returned home I sent him a text message saying that he could have, at the very least, met me half way and come for an hour.  His replies got nastier and nastier, using big words to make himself look like the alpha male.  For heaven sake…. grow up.

I had a great week, last week but this appointment spoilt it.  I have a fantastic reputation, that I am proud to state is second to none, built up through years of sheer hard work and determination, however I am only human and sometimes even I am allowed to get annoyed and frustrated.  If my tone wasn’t to his liking, then neither was his sheer ignorance.  I put myself out to make that appointment happen, regardless of what was thrown up against us, but instead it was thrown up in my face,

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