Hotel Beefcake

14th September 2012

On Monday, I received a very early call at 7.15am from a nice sounding guy looking for an appointment, he was staying at a local hotel and had to check out at 12noon and so was was either interested in me visiting him before 12 or coming to visit me after 12.  We discussed prices and he said he’d phone back.

He phoned back a few hours later and said he might be staying on another night but had to go into a meeting and so he would keep in touch.  I never thought anymore of it.  Loads of guys phone and say they’re going to ring back and don’t so it’s not something I take a great deal of notice of, however at 1.30 I recieved a phonecall asking me to visit him at his hotel.  It wasn’t too far away and I was ready anyway and so I agreed to be there by 2pm.

I arrived at the room to find a near naked muscled beefcake with a heavy shadow beard and pecks that were out of this word.  Wow, this is the guy I was about to get fucked by and I am getting paid !!!! What a treat.

He sorted out the cash and put his hands straight down my jeans.  ”Fuck thats a big cock” he said and greedily took down my pants to get his hands on my cock.   I rubbed my cock against his and his cock grew to an impressive eight inches.  I put his dick in my mouth and deep throated it to the balls.  He pulled me up and pushed me up against the bed, “Spread those fucking cheeks and get this cock up your arse”.  I turned around to take it on all fours but he forced me onto my back and with a big thrust he shoved his cock deep into my hole.  He fucked me harder and harder until he could take no more, pulled out, pulled my head around to him and dumped all of his juice in my mouth and told me to swallow.

“I’ll keep your number, your filthy”, he said as I left the room.

This job does have it’s perks.

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