Hottest Day Of The Year

20th August 2012

Saturday was apparently the hottest day of the year in some parts and it was no exception where I was.  After a boring few days with very little happening I found myself staying overnight in York.  It has been booked in for some time with a guy I have seen a few times who seen me once in Newcastle and once for a weekend to his home in Norfolk (which I did a blog post about).

This time he asked for me to visit him in York for a the evening.  He was there on a social visit but had his own hotel room and so he thought it would be nice to invite me down for the evening and sneek me in the “back door” so to speak.

I got to the station and walked up to the hotel, which was about a 10 minute walk, knocked at his room and he was dressed in only a towel which didn’t stay on for very long.  Within about 5 minutes he had me bent over the sink in the bathroom and video’d himself fucking my tight arse on his phone for future wank sessions.  It didn’t take him long to shoot his load and then he got ready and went off to his social function.  I had the rest of the night to myself until he was due back at 11pm, so I went for a couple of drinks at a few gay friendly places and a pizza.  Returned back to the room in time for his entrance and when I heard him bid a friend goodnight in the hotel hallway I got on the bed, on all fours, pre-lubed and awaited his arrival.

He walked into the hotel room and literally unzipped his suit trousers and gave me a right royal fucking with his suit still on, his dick is a lovely thick 7 and a half inches and he fucked me from tip to balls in long deep strokes telling me what a dirty fucking cock hungry slut I was.  After about 10 minutes of fucking me stupid, he pulled out and made me swallow my second load of the night , he then zipped up and poured us a glass of wine.

He told me I was the most spontaneous fuck he’s ever encountered and that I never fail to amaze him and teach him just how horny sex can be between two men.  I don’t think his wife has ever been as dirty as I can be.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I arose to a nice smiling face and two fingers eagerly fingering my arsehole, then I got a fantastic blow job, shot my load in his mouth which he then spat onto my arse and fucked into me with his rock hard cock again.  He didn’t take long to come this time and within no time he was on the last strokes, pulled out his dick, ripped off the condom and dumped his third load of the weekend all over my cock and balls.

Three loads of cum off him, one load of cum off me, fucked three times, yes it was a hot weekend.  My arse was still tingling all the way back on the train on Sunday morning.

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