How To Get The Best Out Of Your Appointment

24th July 2012

I’ve written a few pointers to help you get the most of our your appointment with myself or any other escort you may book in the future.  Keeping to these guidelines will ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your appointment and for first timers it will give you an idea of what to expect from an appointment.

The Enquiry

When ringing an escort, try to do so from a number that is not withheld or blocked.  If you withhold your number the escort may not pick up the call or may not give you the information you need to make your appointment.  It screams “Something to hide” to us escorts and we realise you’re doing it for your own discretion but please take my word for it, we won’t be calling you back on your number.  You will get a better response if you show your caller ID.  Wherever possible, tell the escort where you seen their advert.  It helps them work out where they’re getting the best response from.

If you email or text, please have a concise list of questions.  Don’t drip feed us for 45 minutes with “Services”, “Is that with a condom”, “Do you suck”.  We will get tired of it by the 5th text message.  Sometimes I can receive texts just before a client arrives and may reply to one or two of them, then the client arrives and I am busy for the next hour and I can come back to barrage of nasty texts because I’ve not replied.  I’ve not replied because I am busy, you wouldn’t like it if I text other clients during time you were paying for. If an escort asks you to ring, it doesn’t mean send me another 8 text messages, it means can you give me a ring.  It doesn’t have to be immediately (unless it’s a short notice appointment) but usually after 5 or 6 texts I like to speak to person I am going to meet.  I never give out my address to first timers by text, so expect that you’ll be asked to call if you want to visit me.

If you have been on the website, which like mine is furnished with everything you need to know, then yes check on services, especially if it’s something you definitely want but don’t go overboard wanting to know the complete ins and outs of each service.  It ends up sounding like a wank call.

New clients will be asked to get to my area, to a certain location and ring for the door number/street name.  This is common practice, please don’t be offended, it’s not intentional and although you’re genuine, there’s a lot of guys out there who are not and I’d rather the no shows didn’t know which house or street I live in.  It for a bit of discretion for myself.  It’s a privilege to obtain my address details not a right.  You don’t need to go through this rigmarole again on subsequent appointments.

If you ring an escorts number and there is no answer, leave a message or send a text, he may be busy on another appointment or with family and friends and unable to pick up the call.  We don’t answer calls whilst in the presence of clients, we couldn’t answer our calls in front of you.  Just be patient.

The Appointment

It’s standard courtesy to offer payment to the escort at the beginning of the appointment, however many escorts don’t bother with that practice and I certainly don’t with regular clients but I do with new guys.  If you’re nervous about handing money over then why not just put it in a clean white envelope and hand it over at the beginning, you can then relax and have a fabulous time.

An escort will usually list what they will and what they will not do, some passive escorts are just that, passive, some are top only, others like me are happy with fucking or being fucked, some don’t offer fucking, always make sure the escort does this particular service at the enquiry stage and double check when making a firm booking.  Most men can’t ejaculate 6 and 7 times a day and for an escort this is a job where they may be expected to have sex with a few men in a day, so a versatile escort may have just cum before your enquiry and may be looking for a passive experience with the next client.  75% of my appointments are men wanting my arse or oral sex and most don’t request or require me to cum so it’s never usually an issue with me but always double check.  If you see an escort regularly always remind him who you are so he can tailor the experience to your likes and dislikes.

For me, the appointment is about what the client wants, not what I want, saying that I won’t do certain things a client may want but I will always give him as much as I can physically offer.  When in an appointment don’t be demanding this and demanding that in a demanding tone, unless it’s a role play and that scenario is taking place.  It just gets an escorts back up.  If a client is respectful and courteous, you’ll get that courtesy back ten fold.

We’re not all Brad Pitt, some escorts show their faces in public, others don’t, we will however be freshly showered and immaculately clean.  We expect the same of our clients.  There’s nothing worse than sucking on pissy cock or smelling pissy pubes.  If you want your arse rimmed please don’t be offended if you are asked to shower in our presence, it’s nothing personal but there’s a lot of bacteria and nasties in that region that no escort wishes to catch.  I am sure you understand.

If the front door bell goes or the house phone rings when in an appointment, don’t be startled and start panicking.  Escorts can’t help people knocking at the door when they’re working or ringing the house phone.  Neighbours don’t exactly know what’s going on and so might have a parcel or someone is coming door to door collecting for charity.  Don’t worry it’s never another client, guy simply don’t just knock like that and it’s can’t be helped, not when you are visiting someone who is working from their own home.


Most escorts don’t clockwatch.  I certainly don’t but I do have other things on in my life, like taking my cat to the vets, meeting friends for drinks, seeing other guys, so if you book an hour, it’s an hour that’s booked, not two.  Sometimes I don’t mind hanging back at a hotel chitty chatting but other times I have that much on I don’t really have time to hang back off the clock.  If you book an incall then most escorts will expect you to leave at the end of your time.  They have other stuff they have to get on with, calls to return etc.

A good respectful escort will never contact you after an appointment.  I’ve never ever contacted a client back after an appointment except when he’s just left and I have noticed his watch at the side of the shower.  Those circumstances are acceptable.  Don’t be concerned that we’re going to start keeping a list of all your numbers in our phones.  We tend to keep the telephone numbers of guys who have messed us about in the past to stop them doing it again

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