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How To Make An Appointment – A Bit Of New Year Fun

January 1st, 2019

Let’s start 2019 with a blog about how make an escorting appointment, a really good successful one that won’t disappoint.  I’ve tried to make it humorous whilst keeping it factual and yes the last section is what guys say to us and how we interpret them.

The Research

Read the profile, a good escort will give you as much information about themselves and what they expect of you.  None of us wish for you to waste your hard earned money on an appointment that will disappoint.

If it says outcalls only, it means they will have to visit you.  It doesn’t mean outdoors and it doesn’t mean car sex.  If it says no gentlemen under 25, it means no gentlemen under 25, it doesn’t mean you’ll see gentlemen under 25.

If an escort profile states that they don’t smoke, it is not usually an indicator that you can visit them and then ask to smoke.  Believe me, they ask !!!!

The Initial Contact

If the profile states “No text messages or withheld calls” it doesn’t mean send me 15 texts, drip fed with one word questions expecting an immediate reply, nor does it mean I will answer the phone on the eighth repeated withheld call for a laugh.  Don’t send texts with lots of “???????????” at the end when we don’t reply within a millisecond.  Somehow or other, it tends to lead to a phone number block.  We’ve no idea why.

Try not to start your opening sentence with “Details” or “Do you do cheap appointments” as it tends to annoy the recipient of the call.  It’s not a great start to an intimate liaison if the guy telephoning you expects 100% of your commitment and time for just 75% of the published rates.

If an escort asks you where you are coming from, when visiting them, it’s not a request for your home address, it’s so they can tell you, or text you more accurate directions, especially if they live on a one way system or major road network.  If you call at the very last minute and require a short notice appointment, we usually ask this question to judge how much time we have left to get prepared.  There’s nothing sinister in it.  Guys often ask “Why do you need to know this”, it’s simple, because in my case, a guy coming from Darlington will be 40 minutes away, a guy coming from Morpeth will be 15 minutes away so as I said, there’s nothing sinister in it.

Don’t ask if you can have a discount as a first time client.  Many escorts reward discounts for loyalty, not to entice you off the street.

When discussing their incall location, the words “Is it discreet” usually amuse most sex workers and masseurs.  Yes………. it’s discreet, none of us have a neon sign in the living room window and remember, it’s you that needs to be discreet, especially if you are visiting us, we have to live here or maintain an apartment in relative secrecy to ensure that our neighbours don’t suspect anything or have concerns in the community.

If you text half dozen different times but never make an appointment, it’s likely that your text messages will be ignored.   I am sure that our phones get just as fed up with the same numbers asking the same questions that they asked a fortnight ago.  If you make an advanced appointment for a week on Tuesday at 11am, need to cancel and forget to tell us, you’ll be most likely ignored in future as we may have turned down other guys who would have attended.

You may be asked to supply a deposit for an outcall as a first time client. It’s not intended as a means of entrapment, it’s sole intention is to determine who is and who is not a genuine client.  I offer a deposit scheme using a business bank account that doesn’t mention me or my name, a paypal account, the offer of purchasing me an amazon gift voucher or a totally anonymous cash payment at a paypoint outlet for a mobile phone top up, which has no trace to anyone whatsoever, all for a nominal fee of £10, which is deducted from the final price.

The Appointment

Most sex work professionals will supply everything needed for the appointment, this includes massage oil, lubricant, condoms, shower gel, towels and almost anything else that their service advertises.  All you usually need to do is turn up or answer the hotel or your front door.

Personally, I never ask clients any personal details, not even their name.  I have never ever asked a client for his first name never mind his surname.  I have no physical need to know your name, therefore you don’t need to know our personal details unless you were booking airline tickets or a hotel reservation for us.

No ….. we don’t have another number, well we do, we might have another two numbers but one might be for family or for work and friends.  Do we need a second number for you.  No, so you don’t need ours.

Words You Use & What They Mean To Us

The last escort I seen never stopped clockwatching = I regularly go over time and don’t expect to pay more

The last guy I seen was £20 cheaper = Best check the payment at the end as it could be short

Can I bring along another escort = Can I bring along someone I met on a sex site and us both have an appointment with you for the same price

I’ve left my wallet in the car = I am about to leave without paying

Have you been in any porn = Can I suggest filming this on my phone for me to wank over later

How many guys do you see a week = If you’re not busy I can ask for cheaper next time

Have you got a partner or looking for one = A couple of drinks sometime and free sex would be nice

You are really hot and I have fantasised about this for month = As soon as I have cum I need to get back to work

Hope you enjoyed the blog and I hope to see lots of you in 2019

Happy New Year




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