I Certainly Raise Some Eyebrows

I’ve been amused by the surprise that some of my twitter followers show when I reveal things that go on in my life.  I suppose that for many people, following a gay escort who talks candidly about having sex with married men is shocking enough, some have questioned my morals and one hater last week said “He’s a gay escort who seems to be proud of it, how can you be proud of it”.  Well I am proud of myself, I am really sorry if that offends people.

I have professional qualifications and another job outside of escort work.  I run a small but profitable accountancy service, one doesn’t mix with the other.  I don’t do accountancy work for escort clients and none of my accountancy clients know I am an escort.  I am very proud of what I do for a living, I walked into escort work knowing exactly what I was getting myself into and I save marriages and keep the men folk happy.  I don’t contact anyone outside of an appointment, I don’t identify who clients are and I keep my life as respectful as I can possibly be.  If you met me outside of an escorting appointment, in a personal or professional capacity you would never guess in a millon years that I spent most of the week having anonymous paid sex with someone elses husband.

In the past few weeks I have discussed Mr Farting Fetish, a threesome with two men and the fact that I often travel abroad to see clients.  I get replies back with comments like “Really” or “You’re joking”, along with “You’re making that up” and one person was even shocked at how many times I have been to the clinic for my tests.  I have an electronic diary, I know when I’ve been.  I am apparently a delight to follow on twitter, something that made me immensely proud.  It’s nice to see that general members of the public look on their ipads and phones and see a glimpse of a life which is the complete opposite to theirs but portrayed as being normal. Yes it is normal to me.  If I don’t have gentlemen callers I get rather bored.  My life is about offering a personal sexual experience to men who would like to keep this arrangement a secret and discreet and I don’t live and breathe sex, although some people seem to think I do.  I don’t finish my third appointment of the day and then pop down to the local sauna to get fucked by random men for free, no I want a glass of prosecco, salt and shake crisps and a catch up with what’s been on TV alongside the cats.  Twice this week I’ve been propositioned for free sex, off the clock.  I hate to offend people and I try not to be sarcastic or rude in my reply but why do these men contact a gay escort.  Go onto a hook up site and find someone who is also looking for anonymous sex, not someone like me who has a price list and a schedule of services.

Sometimes I reveal stuff on twitter which shocks a few people, I am sure many people think that I just see shy, flashermac types who can’t get sex elsewhere.  The fact that most of the men I have sex with are normal good looking, well groomed late 40’s executives and senior managers, is something they can’t get their heads around.  A lot of the men have a physical need to have a sexual encounter with another man, some like a bit of cock from time to time, a large amount of men are obsessed by anal sex and realise it’s off the menu with his wife, some just want to try out an appointment with another man and some have specific kinks that they couldn’t enact with a normal regular sexual partner, partly because they couldn’t cope with a negative reaction or rejection.  One guy I see regularly has never touched my cock but thinks that men give the best blow jobs, another guy only wants to fuck me, another guy only wants to be fucked, one wants me to be pre-lubed with a butt plug up me when he arrives so he can slide straight in.  I don’t find any of their kinks to be strange.

I know I raise a few eyebrows on twitter but I don’t think there’s anything odd about what I reveal, it’s just normal to me and yes sometimes I can be a little shocked by things I am asked to do but I am willing to give everything a go once and take it from there. You never know if you are going to like it until you try.

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