I Could Do Your Job

31st August 2011

Could you, hmmmm I’d beg to differ there.

Us working boys and working girls hear this a lot, “I think I’d be a good escort”. Yes, we humour them and tell them “Of course you could” but secretly we’re thinking the opposite.

It’s different being on the other side of the fence, you have to have a commitment to doing the work, you need to be able to smile when the most peculiar of people walk through your door, you have to be stern when need be and accommodating when required. You need to be able to look at a person and work out their most endearing feature and focus on it. You need to be a mind reader and know what they want before they ask for it. You need to be courteous, even when they’re not. You need to be sexually turned on when the client doesn’t nothing for you and you need to be able to work around the client because, more often than not, they won’t work around you. These are not qualities that everyone possesses.

I rarely say no, as I have said so many many times. I’ve been in appointments where I’ve thought, FFS will you just get on with it. I had one guy who wanted oral for 45 minutes straight and if I took my mouth off his cock, even for a second, he forced my head back onto it. Now could the customer do that if he was providing the service. After he had left, I took myself off for a couple of hours, giving someone a blow job for 45 minutes is hard work and gave me a pounding headache but I didn’t complain, I even told him I enjoyed it, because that’s what he wants to hear. I enjoy 95% of my appointments. The ones I don’t enjoy are the guys who smell of smoke when they arrive (yuk !) and the guys who don’t even practice basic personal hygiene before arriving. Pissy cock is not good !!

Very few of my clients could cross over into being a successful escort, could they put up with pissy dick, could they put up with being told what the other person wants for the entire hour, could they do a 45 minute blow job and then thank the person for it, probably not but there’s one thing that they would have to get over before anything else……. could they accept that for most appointments they won’t be ejaculating. Yes…. this is the one thing they don’t think about and it’s the one thing I bring up every time when they tell me how good they’d be as an escort. One in every 4 appointments result in me cumming, the clients cum in 4 in every 4 appointments, if the client becomes the escort then they’re going to have to get used to the fact that once the client has cum, they usually lose interest and rarely offer to finish you off. It doesn’t bother me, if he’s cum and wants to jump in the shower then it’s fine by me, I can start tidying around and it means I’ve not lost my sexual appetite for the next few hours if someone else phones me for an appointment, but all of the guys I see that think they could be a stud of an escort all want to cum during the appointment and they’ll be sorely disappointed once it dawns on them that it’s not a guaranteed outcome on my side of the fence. I only usually cum when the client asks for it, for example, if he’s turned on by me cumming on him before he spurts, or he wants fucked until I shoot my load, or wants me to cum in his mouth. Other than that it’s not often I am required to cum. Giving my arse, or their arse a good fucking, getting rimmed and getting their cock sucked is more the order of the day and could these clients who want to be working boys really cope with the attention being more on the other partner than them.

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