I Hate Texters

I really do, why can’t guys who text just send one or two texts, why does it have to be 22 messages.  Last night I was sat watching TV and a guy started texting asking for prices and details.  Almost every advert I have online has everything in the one place…… my details, location, prices, age, likes, services, yes it’s all there but they don’t seem to be able to read any of that.

The conversation went back and forth with him asking about services and then he started asking what a blow job would feel like…………….feel like ????  He was curious to know if it was different.  How would I know and then even more texts came.  The conversation ended with me asking him to go away, it was obvious that he was getting off on the texts and the he said “It says on the advert you’re 38 but can I ask if you live alone or not”.  That was enough, why did he have to ask all of those questions when the advert was right in front of him and what does my home life have to do with him and why did he want to know if I lived alone or not, it’s not exactly any of his business.  It’s certainly not the business of someone on the other end of a text message who I have never seen nor spoken to before.

Another recent example came on Sunday when I was asked what time I was clocking off because this texter “didn’t pay for it”, you can see my candid response below

Please tell me why men seem to think that a sex worker would be interested in recreational sex after they’ve probably already had sex a few times that day.  I prefer a hot bath, TV, a tub of pringles and a glass of chardonnay.  I don’t finish at night and then think it’s a great idea to go trolling online for even more cock.  No I want to relax with my doggie and cats, watch some tv and catch up with family and friends !!!

I think many men think that sex workers are just an easy lay and that we’ll succumb to their charms, but we hear this every day and we’re simply not impressed with a text message picture of your cock, we’re not interesting in hearing how “hot” you are and last week I didn’t wish to see a porn video that one guy sent me of him getting sucked off by an escort twink, yeah……. that’ll be me secretly filmed and banded about next week by you to other people without a care in the world, so no thanks, I will pass on that.

Another favourite text message is the request for a face picture.  Nope I ain’t marrying you !!!  This isn’t e-harmony, I choose to disclose what I want to disclose and it’s not up to you to expect it.  When you say no they’ll say “Well I sent you mine”………..yeah but I didn’t ask for it.

Texters don’t realise how annoying they are.  All they can see is their side of the interaction but after 7pm on an evening I can easily have four or five men texting me.  Most texters never amount to an appointment, yes some are enquiries but many are just wanting cheap amusement of some kind whilst getting off on the excitement of speaking one to one, by text, with a real sex worker.  They don’t realise that they’re one of four that evening and we’re getting a bit bored with it now.

Texts that start with “Hi!”…….. well you can just ignore them.  Hi what ? Hi are you available, Hi are you around tomorrow, Hi are you the pizza man.  I usually respond with “Bye”.  If you are a texter and wonder why sex workers become unresponsive after text number five, please bear this in mind………..GENUINE CLIENTS WILL CALL or they’ll keep their text enquiry to maybe three or four messages asking if you are available tomorrow or if you could see them on Thursday at their hotel, they’ll sometimes ask if you have specific toy or item of clothing but never much more than that and they’ll often confirm the rate.  Genuine clients will not ask if you live alone and they will not ask what a blow job will feel like.  Genuine clients will also get a respectful and personable response from a sex worker, where as texters just get stored as a text tosser with today’s date next to it and banished to the block section of our escorting phone, never to be thought about again.

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