I Just Want A Bit Of Respect

It’s been a funny old couple of weeks.  I’ve had a high number of timewasters recently.  I can always spot them and I will humour them for a bit but I quickly tire of them and get bored, however I didn’t see these three coming.

I will start with an appointment I had booked in for Monday.  I had a gentleman contact me a few months ago who was moving into the area, did a number of texts via whatsapp and then suddenly, out of the blue, he’d moved nearby.  An appointment was quickly set up but the barrage of questions and scenarios made me feel like this wasn’t a genuine enquiry.  The questions were fine at first but they became more and more intrusive, stuff like how many clients I see a day, how did I get into the work.  These are things, if asked, I would normally discuss with guys when they come to visit me, not someone on an anonymous number who I have never met before.  The appointment was simply a normal run of the mill appointment to begin with, he asked if he could cum twice, which I am always ok with but then it developed into a re-enactment of Hamlet.  There were lists of stuff he wanted on that first appointment. He wanted sex in “crazy positions”, role play, the texts were so specific that I declined the appointment.  I am not a mechanical robot which is pre-programmed with a set of instructions and as I said to him “I am not scared of hard work”…….this however was going to be hard work.  He used to see another gay escort in another part of the country and these were all things he tried with him over a long period of time but he was expecting their level of intimacy, that they built up over time, to be the order of the day from the initial meet.  That was never going to happen.  I am fine with role play and I am fine with instruction but not like that.  He was a total top yet wanted me to be sub and “in control”, something anyone in my position would struggle with on a first appointment. I would have no idea how to develop and progress within an appointment whist fulfilling both roles.

After much discussion and an apology on his behalf, I relented and an appointment was set up.  He carried on texting.  One morning I had a two hour appointment in and he text a few times during it, then another text message saying maybe he shouldn’t be texting me.  It felt a bit sulky, all  because I didn’t reply.  I didn’t reply because I was entertaining someone and then had some lunch.  I hadn’t realised there was even a message for another 40 minutes after the appointment ended.  I check my missed calls and texts but often forget about whatsapp unless I hear the ringtone for it.  I apologised for not getting back to him, explaining why and reminded him that I couldn’t text on demand.  Anyway the appointment got back on track, we organised a date and a general time for his visit.  The evening before his arrival there was a problem, then a bigger problem on the day and it was re-arranged, which itself didn’t come to fruition and it’s all gone very quiet since.

I thought the guy was genuine and he probably was but I was not the escort he wanted and rather than take someone’s money for taking it sake (which a lot of escorts do) I would rather he spent the money elsewhere, getting the service he wanted.  Although I felt he was genuine, the level of texting, to someone you have never met before with intrusive questions was anything but genuine.  Maybe he was just very keen to know me before meeting me but there’s twitter and this blog to read, both of which show my true personality.

On Tuesday morning I received a phone call from a lovely man in London.  He was coming to Newcastle for a few days and was setting off from London early afternoon.  We discussed what he was “into” and it was arranged for early evening for “at least” a couple of hours.  I asked him to telephone me or text when he was as far as Darlington.  He did say that if it was looking a bit tight for this evening he would see me on Wednesday instead but he would keep in touch so I knew what was happening.  For the next five hours I didn’t dare eat anything (not a great idea when he wants to fuck you for two hours) and prepared a light dinner for 10pm, when I thought the appointment may end.  That was the one and only phone call from him.  He never arrived on the evening, called from Darlington or re-arranged for Wednesday.  The annoyance of this is that I could have turned down a regular client for Tuesday evening (thankfully that didn’t occur) and I didn’t eat until 9pm.  Why make a phone call, be ever so keen, then go completely silent.  Yes ….. it wasn’t guaranteed to happen that evening and obviously Wednesday was used as a way of dangling a stick and giving himself that get out clause, he needed, for the evening.  I just don’t understand why guys make enquiries like that.

I can quite understand why escorts double book clients.  I rarely do, I certainly don’t double book known or regular clients but when someone rings you for a first time appointment and they start making excuses before the appointment commences, you know it’s not a good idea to turn down regulars for their appointment.  They’re costing you money.

Wednesday got off to a swimmingly good start…… not.  I have been seeing an exceptionally good looking married lad.  He’s about 30, very good looking, little podgy married man belly, hairy and very attentive.  He’s a perfect client in many senses of the word.  He’s seen me about 4 times in the last few months.  Two months ago he sent me a text saying that he wanted to book me for an hour, later that day and added that he would also like to book for the following day as he would be in the area again.  I said yes……. of course.  Then came the thunderbolt, “Can I pay for both on the second appointment”.  No.

He argued back by text saying I obviously didn’t trust him.  I said it wasn’t that I didn’t trust him but should something happen the following day, he would have had a free appointment that I may never be paid for.  He didn’t come along that day but did come the following day, paid, apologised and said he would have genuinely paid for both days.  We will never know.   Anyway……….I had to pop to Blyth on Wednesday to drop some paperwork in for my other job.  He text whilst I was leaving Blyth and asked if he could see me in 30 minutes time.  I agreed….the bedroom was ready and I was freshly showered.  He turned up, about 10 minutes late, walked in and the appointment kicked off.  Something told me to ask for the money, so as I was heading into the bathroom to run him a shower, I asked if we could sort out the “money bit”.  To my astonishment he didn’t have any money on him and asked if he could pay me “tomorrow”.  I turned off the shower and kindly asked him to leave.  He asked me not to do this and I said “Leave and please don’t return”.  This man would have gladly stayed an hour and then leave without paying.  He sent me a text when he got in the car and asked to come back saying “It would have been really good sex”.   Yep, it would have been even better if you had the money to pay for it.

The Wednesday client got the wrath of my tongue and it was quite simply because the timewasters this week have been spectacular. I won’t entertain him again and the other two gentlemen are unlikely to ever be in touch again.

All three guys this week wanted a lot.  The first man wanted the familiarity and sensual experience of a regular escort, with someone new and unfamiliar.  The second wanted me to be on call for ever for him, with no intention of booking and the third wanted credit terms.  I offer a personal sexual experience for a fee, sometimes guys want more than their moneys worth, they want the thrill of booking without ever making that appointment or want something they know they can’t have so try and cheat.  Me…………….I just want a bit of respect.

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