In With The Old – Out With The New

So, why did I do it

From yesterday I put a blanket ban on seeing new clients and many people are interested as to why I took that decision.  It’s simple, the timewasters won and I decided that after 17 years I would only see men I had seen before.

This industry has served me well, it’s afforded me luxuries, I have travelled all over the world to see guys, I have met everyone from a gentleman who saved £1 a week for two years (and paid me in pound coins) to multi millionaires and on the whole 95% of men are fine and dandy and always totally randy but with this business comes the twats and when they want to waste your time they do it spectacularly.

I still see my gentleman from Russia and late last year I told him that I was considering retiring but that I would only see men I had seen before, he welcomed this change.  Over the past six months I have told my regular guys that my adverts would start to disappear but that I would still be available and on the same number indefinitely.  This was a change that I had to make in order to move on with other aspects to my life.

Never say never and you never know, I might change my mind but for now I only see men I have seen before.  It’s where I want to be and therefore this is a positive change.

If you have seen me before, nothing will change.  If you want sex chat, nothing will change and for now, I will advertise as normal.

Please respect this decision.

Steve x

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