Interview Room

20th July 2011

 It’s a while since I have been to an office.  It’s always a turn on.  A guy I had never met before asked if I would come along to his office in a suit and ask for him by name at reception, so I toddled along and arrived yesterday, as planned at 4.45pm.

The office obviously closes at 5pm, it’s an anonymous type building with many companies located in different sections of the building.  I went to reception and asked for him by name.  They asked me to sign in and his assistant came down and collected me.  Nice enough girl, pleasant.  She showed me to a side room with only a window looking out onto the Tyne Bridge and Quayside.  It reminded me of the interview type rooms you have at the jobcentre.  Anonymous, one desk and a couple of chairs.  I sat for 5 minutes and in walked a tall smart suited guy, late 50’s, balding, nice teeth, the sort that gets me horny straight away.    “Hello Steve” I’ve marked the door for privacy, no one will walk in”.

He’d asked me earlier in the day to bring a couple of toys, he’d asked what toys I had, it’s actually easier to ask what I haven’t got.  He said he had a  kinky request.  Would I be able to cum in a condom and seal it up in advance.  He’d like to play with it on my arse.  Yes nothing wrong with that, it’s perfectly safe to play with your own spunk LOL.  I took along the condom plus an 8” thick black dildo. He’d asked if I douched my arse, well it’s just a normal part of my routine anyway and so yes I am always 100% clean.  He asked if I liked being rimmed and that was mighty fine too.

He came over to my side of the desk and put his hands firmly on my arse, a quick flick of my belt and the trousers were down exposing my bare arse (no underwear as requested).  He spat on my arse and started working his tongue in my hole,   This was getting him all hot and bothered.  I turned around to unzip him and pull down his pants but he turned me back around and said he wanted to enjoy my hole and there was time for that later.  He spanked my arse a couple of times and then he completely stripped me and bent me back over the desk. He asked me to empty the pre-filled condom in to a plastic cup he’d brought along, he wanted to use my cum as lube for my arse – oh kinky I thought, so I emptied it into a cup and he rubbed some of it over the shaft of the big black dildo and started pushing the toy up my hole.

He was getting very very excited at the sight of the big black dildo each time it came out of my arse, so he dropped his pants and produced a lovely 9” cock.  It wasn’t long before his cock was up that hole too, using my cum as lube.  He fucked away at my arse telling me what a dirty fucking slut I was, having all that anonymous spunk up my arse (his fantasy was to fuck a cum filled arse), he kept pulling his dick out and looking at the sticky spunk as it came out with his dick.  He wanted me to tell him when I was ready to cum.  I was almost at breaking point when turned me around and started sucking my cock really haard until I dumped a load of cum in his mouth.  He then bent me over again put his cock back up my hole and spat all of the cum onto his cock as it pounded my arse, fucking all my spunk back up my arse.

This tipped him over the edge and he shot a massive big load of spunk deep up my arsehole.  He pulled his cock out and emptied the contents of the rubber into the cup, poured it over my arse cheeks and licked the whole lot up.

I now remember why I like office cock, filthy mid 50’s executives who are as dirty as me.

Wonderful appointment and to think, I get paid to be a slut.

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