Is It ?

What Makes For A Good Appointment

Client Side
… Is it when the escort comes through the door immaculately dressed to your taste, but without asking this in advance, because a top quality escort instinctively knows your taste from just a few emails or phone calls.
… Is it when the escort you book, brings the items you asked about, with the items you didn’t ask about but they knew you’d just love, with the minimum of fuss.
… Is it when the escort can trust you to adhere to the appointment you’ve booked when they go out of their way to make sure they can be there, no matter where the appointment is.
… Is it when the escort makes sure you’re completely fulfilled, gives you the appointment you expected and was genuinely pleased to be in your company and thoroughly enjoyed the sex you had.
… Is it when the whole appointment …… flows …… like a natural date, with no awkward silences.  the night just flies by with you both always have something to chat about because you genuinely like each other.
… Is it when you’re already planning when you’re going to book even before they’ve left, without telling them.

Escort Side

… is it when the gentleman kisses you on the cheek when you walk in the door and pours a glass of wine.
… Is it when he takes a genuine interest in what got you into the work and makes sure you feel good about the job you love doing.
… Is it when his warm hands move down your body and find those areas that really make you move.
… Is it when he’s filthy, take breaks, treats you well and naturally moves onto the next course without being pushy and then goes back in full force.
… Is it when he pours another glass of wine and then drips the wine into your mouth and tells you just how fucking good the night has been so far.
… Is it when you leave, you get a kiss as you leave with a promise of another illicit liaison.  Whether it happens or not, the promise is there and it’s open ended for whenever your paths should cross again in the future.

One response to “Is It ?

  1. ” heaven, must be missing an angel, missing an angel child because you are here right at my side tonight” circa 1979.
    Steve you are dreaming or you are just a (dream) date !

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