It’s Not Christmas Time – It’s Timewaster Time

14th December 2012

Us working boys and girls get our fair share of timewasters,  I’ve had a nice run of good appointments and then this week I hit the stumbling block.  It was timewaster time.

Tuesday started fun, guy had text me for an appointment, I asked him to phone, he did, we discussed a time, he booked and said it was for one possibly two hours, gets lost, gets lost again and gets lost once again.  Finds my apartment, arrives and says “Well where’s the lass at”.  Right, I obviously wasn’t his cup of tea but I fail to understand how he thought I was answering the phone for a female escort.  He contacted me, he only conversed with me, yet he thinks he’s going to see a female escort.

Thursday came…  Phone call…  Booking made… then………. No show.  I text him and asked him why he didn’t bother to show and I got the usual “Kid injured in schoolground” saga.  These teachers in UK schools obviously can’t look after the children themselves whilst they’re supposed to be in their charge.  If I had a penny for every excuse about the kid of a client in a school ground accident… you get the picture……..  Does the school secretary say “Mr Wilson isn’t answering his phone, he must be with an escort” and ……. why is it always the father that needs to rush to the school, when I was at school it was usually the mother they contacted first but no you could be manning a crane above a high rise block and then suddenly have to leave your post because Timmy’s hurt his toe.  Do these guys not realise that we hear these excuses every day and whilst rushing to the school like they were up for a “Father of the year award” have they no decency to even cancel the escort with a text message.  No, of course not, because normal day to day life and commitments seem to go out of the window.

Last night was no exception.  After a lovely appointment with a very regular client, I received (once again) a text from someone wanting a 10pm appointment.  He told me he was at work until 9pm and couldn’t ring until then.  The texts still continued though.  Obviously wasn’t that busy at work, he couldn’t call from it but he could carry on texting with it.  By 8.20pm I was tiring of his texts.  Then at 9pm he text me and asked if I did domination……… “No I said”………..  Oh I really wanted thrashed.        That was his get out clause and so it didn’t come off.  He had no intentions of booking, he just wanted to send me 50 texts from his free text allowance.

8.20 this morning………. “Hi Steve, can you do an outcall to Cramlington”…  Yes not a problem, got showered and phoned him to tell him I was setting off, as we’d discussed and hey guess what……… phone switched off.

Let’s hope Saturday has less timewasters and more genuine horny men in store for me.

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