It’s Ok….. We don’t know each other

18th August 2011

I popped into Natwest a few days ago to put some money in the bank. There was a guy in front of me wearing sports pants and a jacket, they looked vaguely familiar but I wasn’t paying that much attention to be perfectly honest. Then suddenly, he turned around, the colour drained from his face and he turned pale. It was a client who I had seen about 3 months ago. I would never have recognised him, had it not been for the shocked look on his face. It was then that I recognised the clothes, they were exactly the same items he wore when visiting me.

I am allowed to venture outside of my property, I am allowed to pop into a pub, I am allowed to have lunch and if I happen to bump into you 3 months down the line I am going to just walk on by.

If a client bumps into me in a public place and speaks, I will speak back but I am never going to identify him. If I am with a friend at the time I am never going to say “Look that was the guy who visited me at 5pm yesterday” so I didn’t understand why the guy in Natwest was so shocked at bumping into me. It was like seeing a ghost from his past. I was quite taken aback.

Similarly, I get a lot of guys asking me to reassure them that I won’t call their phone number again. Hmmmmm, why would I call them in the first place. My phone is there to call me on. If I miss the call, if a voicemail is left or the call goes dead then yes I will call the number back but I wouldn’t ever think to call a client for a chit chat. The principle of using an escort is that we offer an intimate service with no strings or ties. I am only interested in collecting the telephone numbers of timewasters.

On odd occasions a client will come to my home, walk into the hallway and say “I know people around here”. Yep so do I, it’s funny that. I have more to lose by the neighbours recognising my activity than the client does by visiting. During the course of a year there are other men who knock at my door for all sorts of reasons. One gentleman who mentioned that he “Knew people around here” was actually a plumber. “Ok”, I said, “What do you do for a living”. “I am a plumber” he replied. “Ok, well if someone 4 months down the line says, I seen you going into that Steve’s house at 3pm, you can tell him that you came to fix the toilet”. Just because he knows why he’s there, doesn’t mean everyone else will and at 3pm in the afternoon on a housing estate where everyone is mortgaged up to the eyeballs, it’s safe to assume that people will be at work. When I pop out on an outcall it may be to an area where a friend or acquaintance lives, but I never think, oh blimey I’d better not knock here, Sandra might drive past and see me knocking and presume that a client lives at this property.

It’s interesting to see what goes on in people’s minds. The guy in Natwest recognised me, was shocked, but brought the attention onto himself, I would never have recognised him otherwise. I don’t pay that close attention to people when I am out and about doing my day to day chores. The plumber who visited me knew someone in the locality but how would they suddenly assume he came to get his cock sucked.

Finally…………. the line I love most of all (especially on incalls), “Steve, you are discreet I hope”. Hmmmmmm, right, look at it this way. You’re coming to my home, in my street, in my town…… I think it’s me that needs reassuring about discretion. Once I have given out the address I expect total discretion, there isn’t a neon sign in my window with “Open” flashing on and off and I don’t stand at the front door chatting to the neighbours saying “Here’s my 4pm, isn’t he gorge”. Of course I’m discreet !!!!

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