Last Few Days

7th September 2011

…have been a bit funny, busy Monday, quiet Tuesday, hopefully now the schools are back we will get back to some sort of normality.

Monday was quite a good day, had a client visit me who thought my arse was wonderful. The things he did to it LOL arn’t appropriate to publish. He even emailed me some feedback for the website. He was great, I love it when they’re filthy. I got myself tidied and cleaned up from him and toddled off down to the shops, I needed a few bits and pieces in Sainsburys, cat litter and such like but no sooner had I walked into the shop, the phone went. A guy, I had spoken to earlier that day, suddenly decided he wanted me to visit him, but …… not in an hours time, he wanted it there and then. Luckily I was already showered and smelling as fresh as a daisy, with condoms and lube in my bag, so I left the shopping behind and popped to his house, which was about 5 miles away. Nice 50’s guy, very hairy with a rock hard solid cock. It wasn’t a rag you around the bed type appointment, more a quick fumble and a nice load in my mouth roll about. 30 minutes later I was back in Sainsburys.

Yesterday was an odd day, started off promising but ended up being a bit disappointing. My usual round of texters, one illiterate one at 8pm “Hi a havnt got mutc money can you both dow me fore the experans”. I am presuming that meant “Can I have a cheap threesome because I’ve never done it before”. I text back No. I only do duo’s with other escorts when I know the client, they don’t do much for me, as I have written in previous blogs, I am not a fan of duo’s with other escorts.

Aww well, things are picking up today, I’ve had a lovely guy this morning who just wanted oral on him and was a mighty fine cocksucker himself and I may have another one later today from an email enquiry this morning.

I’ve got a cross dresser experience coming up on Friday, I’ve seen the odd cross dresser but I am not inundated with them. My male escort friend Chris is away for a couple of days and put one of his clients in touch with me, who he said is here on business on Friday for one day only. I’ve been given the run down, so I know the drill. I already know in advance that he will ask if he can smoke in the garden in stockings and a basque. That’ll be a no in advance, I hate smoking on the premises and although I am not overlooked by other properties in my garden I just don’t feel it’s right to have clients parading around there. It’s ok having a drink in the garden with an overnight client but not a guy in his fetish gear at 11am on a Friday morning.

Hey ho !!

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