Late Outcall I Turned Down

I turned down a late outcall last night, mainly because it was very late and required me to visit a hotel near to Central Station in Newcastle that’s very difficult to get into after 11pm.  The guy didn’t seem to understand the problem.

He phoned twice between 11.05pm and 11.30pm and I had been asleep.  I had gone to bed at 10pm and dozed off more or less straight away.  I heard my phone vibrate on the bed and noticed two voicemails asking me to text him back.  I did so and I was very pleasant and explained that I didn’t really see new guys this late and especially when they call this late.  He said he understood but he didn’t give up and told me where he was staying and that he was on a train from Kings Cross.  He had previously said on his voicemail that he had seen my website a few times but had never had the chance to book me yet.

I explained about how difficult this hotel is to visit after 11pm.  It’s on a strip, close the station and close to the bars therefore they have door security and they ask you if you are checking in or if you are resident at the hotel.  It’s happened before.

He wanted me meet him on the station platform when he arrived and I wasn’t too keen on this idea either.  Sadly he might have been a genuine guy and I may have turned down a wonderful appointment but when the appointment kicks off at 1am and has a few hurdles to begin with, you have to weigh up the benefits to the appointment.  It’s also a difficult part of the city to drive to as it’s all bloody bus lanes and it is difficult to park around there too.  At no point did his manner or his voicemails alert me to anything suspicious.  I am 100% sure he was genuine, it was just very late and that hotel is a real pain.  Saying that, most hotels have a keycard closed door policy after 11pm and there are not many clients who will come down to the entrance to collect you.

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