Left Handed

Odd subject for a post but one that’s become quite relevant to me in recent months.

I was born left handed.  I come from an Irish family and the left hand was “The Hand Of The Devil”, I was positively encouraged to refrain from using my left hand as a child.  I grew up writing with my right hand but everything else I do is left handed.  I have never ever thought about it until earlier this year when I was out for dinner with a very lovely gentleman.

Over dinner I apologised about my wine glass.  Wine glasses are generally served to the right and I have an appalling habit of putting it to the left when I take a drink.  It’s because I use my left hand and I naturally put it down to the left hand side and no matter how hard I try I can’t stop myself from doing it.  The gentleman I was with told me to stop being so silly and said “I am left handed, did you not notice”.  Quite honestly I have never took any notice of who is right handed or left handed, it’s never occurred to me to notice but now I have noticed more and more when I am doing “left handed things”.  He went on to tell me that he positively singles out left handed people in meetings.  He does a sweep of the table to see who is left handed, something I would never think to do.  I found that to be fascinating.

Since that moment I have noticed more and more left handed things that I do without thinking.  I always wear a man bag, I wear this to the left, so my left hand can grab my wallet, keys and phone.  I can file my nails better with my left hand and I use a kettle and pan differently to a right handed person.  I also put things down on the floor to the left hand side of myself and in my office, my coffee is to the left of the laptop, as is the rubbish bin  Things I have never ever ever ever noticed.

Being left handed is a little bit more difficult during fun times, I had never noticed this but when you’re stood opposite each other, kissing and fondling, you’re both using the same arm opposite each other.  He’s using his right hand and I am using my left and they can clash.  I am now very conscious and aware of this.    It’s better when fiddling about when you’re side by side because your arms don’t clash but I have to remember to lie on the bed on the correct side to enable my left hand to flourish, otherwise I am stuck using my right hand.

I don’t use my left hand to text or use my phone but that is because I write with my right hand but I do thread my belt the other way around to everyone else.

Since noticing more and more about my left handedness, I have noticed more and more clients who are left handed and I have found myself looking out for signs like I never use to.  It’s very bizarre how a chance comment over dinner can lead to noticing something so keenly that never used to enter your head on a day to day basis.

My father was left handed, but like me, wrote with his right hand.  He discouraged use of the left hand because he was discouraged by his Irish father. I have since noticed that I can’t wear a bag to the right.  It’s just feels wrong.  Something I have never noticed before.  I have also stopped worrying about the wine glass predicament I get myself into because the guy I was with at the time told me that if it felt more natural to have the glass to my left then the glass should be to my left and not to worry about etiquette and manners, well not on that occasion anyway.

So if you trust left handed escorts more than right handed ones, then I am the gentleman for you.

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