Lets Go Outside

4th June 2012

Let’s go outside, take me to the places that I love best.

Yes, I managed to visit a gentleman a few days ago who invited me to his home then fancied shagging me over the garden furniture.  It started out as a normal random visit, he was a nice guy, easy to find part of Newcastle, not far from the airport.  Nice driveway and he was immaculately dressed when he greeted me at the door, however I was only in the house two seconds and he had already put two fingers up my arse and had my cock out, admiring my thick metal cockring.

Upstairs didn’t seem like an option and so I didn’t pursue moving onto the bedroom, he asked me to follow him out to his conservatory, where he sat on the floor with his tongue placed deeply into my arse crack telling me what a “tasty fuckhole” I had.  He then lifted himself up and rubbed his fat dick on my arse crack.  ”Can we retire to the garden, it’s a nice night”.  I actually thought it was quite chilly but this was his time and so I agreed.   I noticed there was a patio heater outside, so as long as I positioned myself right I shouldn’t freeze to death.  We retired to the garden and he bent me over the wooden table, with one leg cocked up on a chair and up he went.  His cock hurt a little to begin within, he was over enthusiastic at fucking me but it wasn’t long before my hole got used to his size and he could fuck away until his heart was content.  I kept telling him to fuck me harder and harder and he sure fucked me hard.

All the way through the fuck, he kept telling my how tight my hole was and kept asking how many men had been up there today, he loved the filthy talk about me being a slut, it got him rock hard and after about 30-40 long strokes he shot his load and pulled out of my tight hole.

He immediately went back to “Mr Gentleman” the minute he’d cum and after a brief bit of chit chat I was on my way home.   I never expect to hear from clients again, some guys will book you again, many do but many don’t.  For some guys this may be a one off experience that they may never repeat or it may be something they may repeat again in six months or so.  Anyway……….. next morning I received a text “Thanks for last night – would like a re-match soon”.  Usually guys just move on but maybe there will be one again in the near future, I just hope its a warm summer evening lol and not in November.

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