Looks Like You’ve Been Working Hard This Morning

17th July 2011

What a hectic weekend I’ve had, no cock just wine and food with family and friends, three meals out and a demolished case of Virgin Wines lol

I’m getting back into the saddle though today with my first quick blow job arriving in just a few moments.   It’s not very often I have a night off but I can honestly say that I didn’t think about cock once over the last 48 hours but now that I have a guy arriving for a cock sucking session I’ve been all horny thinking about it.   I love the excitement of not knowing what he’s going to look like, not knowing if he’s going to be a sexy, bald and hairy bloke (my favourite type) and not knowing how his spunk will taste when it shoots in my mouth.

I took Friday and Saturday off, I had relatives coming for the weekend and they were due between 12noon and 1pm, however I got a text off them at 12.30 saying they were just leaving now and would be at mine in about an hour.  I had a bottle of wine chilling in the ice bucket on the patio set in the garden and 3 wine glasses sat waiting for their arrival. Minutes later my work phone went and it was my little delivery man who drops off parcels in my street.  I’ve written about him before.  He was in my street and wondered if I was available.  I wasn’t really prepared so I told him he’d have to take me as I was.    In he came and it was straight down to business.  He says I am too good at the blow jobs and he just can’t hold back.  After 5-6 minutes of sucking hard on his cock, I was rewarded with a nice juicy load of spunk but I didn’t fancy ending it there, so I swallowed the lot and kept my attention focussed on his cock.  I knew it was the only cock i’d have between then and Sunday afternoon so I spent another 10 minutes giving him the most intense cock suck of his life.  I wasn’t rewarded with a second load but he was in total ecstacy because his legs started to buckle with the pleasure.  He was well impressed with the unexpected extra service.  I just got the bedroom back to normal, sheet away, porn switched off when another of my regular £20 BJ guys sent a text.  “In the area in about half an hour any chance you can squeeze me in”.  Yeah I said but sooner rather than later please because I had relatives coming at 1.30.  15 minutes later he arrived.  Another tasty salty load, I felt such a slut.  This was a day I was taking off to prepare some lunch, make beds and sip wine in the garden.  I can’t even allow myself a day off but when there are cocks there that need sucking and I can squeeze them in then who am I to say no.

My relatives arrived about 10 minutes after my second guy left, I’d quickly tidied up and I’d just sat down on the patio set when in they walked and the first thing they said was “It’s alright for some, looks like you’ve been working hard this morning”.  If only they knew.

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