Maybe It Is Time For A Re-Invention

I am a bit like Madonna ……. over the years I have had to re-invent myself a few times.  When I first started escorting I was about 10 stone, early 20’s and went by the name of Lee.  This was great at the time and 90% of my clients were older Daddy types.  Most guys I would see were businessmen in their 50’s, always top and their dicks were always on the hunt for a fine piece of booty.  Straight men are obsessed by anal sex and I worked this out very quickly and if the wife isn’t interested, there’s always some male ass to be found.  Men have a physical need to explore the pleasures of the bum, whether they are giving it, receiving it or exploring both sides of the spectrum.  Most of my clients are married men or men in a heterosexual relationship.

In those days, most of my escort work came via contact ads, free listings in top shelf magazines and the free rags you’d get on the gay scene like Boyz and Scotsgay as well as paid adverts in the adult sections of Loot and Quick Ads, those green and yellow free ads papers that came out on a Thursday at the newsagents.  I was very popular in Edinburgh and would tour there once a month for three or four days, staying in a serviced apartment near to the Grassmarket.

Fast forward about eight years and the contact magazines were drying up and the internet was taking over.  Trinity Mirror banned all adverts in their local papers like Loot and Quick Ads following pressure from MP’s and so my bouncing around the bed days looked to be over.  However I found a way to re-invent myself.

I hunted around for a web company that were ok with escorting websites.  It’s more difficult than it sounds.  A lot of hosting providers have clauses, in the small print, which forbid escort sites or the marketing of what they consider to be immoral services and it also matters where the hosting company are based because local laws can determine whether they can host your site on their servers, no matter where in the world you may be.  I found one, phoned them, discussed it with customer services and was assured that they had no policy on adult sites as long as the site did not include blatant pornography.  On 24th March 2011, almost 8 years ago, I created and took the internet by the horns.  Six months later I joined twitter.  I have had two websites hosted on my webspace, both of which I designed myself, did all of the coding myself and all of the marketing too.  My website hosting costs me a paltry £10 a month.  My blog, that you are reading now, is also owned by me, sits on my server and is independent of WordPress, therefore avoiding any conflict that WordPress may have over sex work.  I use their software, not their servers.

Most people know that I fell into escort work completely by accident.  I didn’t wake up once day and think “Gee I think I will suck some cock today for money”.  I liked it, I stuck at it, it got me through university debt free and I see more men today than I did when I was Twinkette Lee, all those years ago, however I am a realist and I now think that maybe another incarnation of Steve is the order of the day.

When I re-invented myself in 2011, I went along the gentleman escort route.  I am very well educated, have an extensive wardrobe, I can talk about almost any subject imaginable, I am cultured and I have travelled extensively around the world.  I have a beautiful home, I am reliable and I know what men want and so I appealed to a CEO, senior management type and I needed to retain the loyalty of this market and so I went from bounce around the bed bunny to someone you could wine and dine and still bounce around the bed.  The small talk changed from Kylie’s new tour to what was front page of The Times.  I still regularly see the Mr White Van Man types, some of whom I have seen for a number of years alongside a huge number of local guys who live within a five to ten mile radius because I rarely turn anyone down. Although I market myself to an executive client base, I realise that I can’t turn down regular local appointments and I treat everyone with the same respect.

I excel in the executive market and I have hundreds of senior management clients who are regular in their own way, some I see every month, some once every six months and some once a year.  Most of my regular loyal clients don’t live in Newcastle but I am their first choice when they are in the area and many clients fly me abroad, to luxury hotels in the UK and come to visit me when they’re passing through Newcastle.  The review that I published yesterday showed the type of client that I attract and it was something that this client said that made me think about the possibility of another re-invention.

Nobody books an appointment with me to see a 19 year old guy, that’s quite obvious and a quick glance on local advertising sites will show you an array of 19 to 23 year old lads just aching to be fucked.  I am not that market, I am something completely different.  The client who sent me the review that I published yesterday (well it was Monday when I got it) also sent a second email and he’s given me permission to publish an extract from it.

One of the things I was most impressed with was your size and stature, you’re a big bloke and I didn’t get that from the pictures.  I got (from twitter) that you are very opinionated and very true to yourself and you stand by your principles.  I do not agree with you on things like Brexit but the fact that you sit there and stand by what you believe in is a very attractive proposal to a man like me who has had to be independently minded my entire working career and stand by what I believe is right.

Going back to size and stature Steve, please don’t be insulted by that observation.  Men who like Men, who want real men don’t want a 25 year old himbo and from what I have read and understand about you, you were once that 25 year old.  We discussed this briefly on Friday and you need to think more about marketing yourself on the fact that you’re a big lad, you’re tall, well built, bearded and have a hairy chest and back, men like me like that and when I met you I was “wow” because I didn’t expect that.  To put this into one sentence I would say. If you decide to go down a different road with this work, you need to market and push yourself as a “Real Man“.  It’s a crowd puller and if I had realised this a lot earlier, I would have made a special exception to visit you.  Keep the executive market, I am also that market but think about your strong personal qualities.  Men like a real man.  Think about how TS and TV escorts market themselves at men wanting a fem escort with male body parts, your strength is marketing yourself as the exact opposite.  The horniest bit of our encounter was that I was shagging a real man, yes a real man was allowing me to enter him and was thanking me for it throughout intercourse.  What a bloody turn on.

This was a very interesting and refreshing email and since my operation earlier this year, where I lost a lot of regular clients, I wondered how I should kick start my career.  I have been here for around 18 years and never regretted this work once however I am a realist and I do know that in order to survive in what is a very competitive market then I have to consider re-inventing myself.

I have no plans to retire however in the summer it looked very likely that I would have to retire.  I ran the risk of having a permanent stoma bag but my operation was a complete success and I avoided that fate.  I went into that operation not knowing what the future held.

I have said to clients for many years that I will “Carry on escorting until the phone stops ringing and regular clients stop visiting”.  Over the summer, before my operation I would only see regular clients and I was still very busy, not as busy as before but I still ticked along nicely.  I have lost a few along the way because taking almost three months off work does affect bookings but I am sure that most will eventually return.

Maybe it is time to market my masculine qualities.  Maybe it is time for a Re-Invention.




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