My oh my, this really is the word of the moment.  Dare to say anything as man to a feminist, lesbian or even co-sex worker and you’re labelled misogynistic.

I am a very intelligent guy and I had heard the word maybe a couple of times in my entire life until recently when it seems to be the “in word” to describe any guy who dares to question a woman’s integrity.  I’ve been called misogynistic by fellow sex workers, by lesbian feminists and sex work campaigners all because I dared to have another point of view which doesn’t fit with their lefty labour voting, trade union type beliefs.  Not all sex workers are female yet there are some female sex workers who think they’re the only ones on the party invite.

As someone who has always been always been pro-rights, sometimes the people labelling others as misogynistic are really just that themselves, they use the word to make themselves look like the ones being persecuted and carry on their vendetta towards anyone who doesn’t agree with them by being thoroughly nasty, spiteful and vindictive, doing themselves no favours in the process.  Instead of having a healthy debate, their posts spill out into vile hatred of anyone who isn’t a street junkie striving to put bread on the table.  Maybe if they stopped shooting IV drugs into their veins and went on a drug rehabilitation program they may be able to re-build their lives and see other peoples points of view.  Until then I still have a block button for the times they get nasty.


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