Money For Nothing

It amuses me at at times and I know it amuses many of my friends who also work in the sex and massage industry when clients say to me and to them “It’s Money for nothing this job”Money For Nothing – Oh you don’t know the half of it !!!

Let’s take last week.  Four drunks on voicemail during the night, a varied selection of text messages from men at 1.11am, 2.05am, 4.17am on various nights, all expecting me to be awake and two of them expecting an outcall, I also had a silent caller and a heavy breather.  Yes it’s dead easy this job.

I do like this job but it’s certainly not money for nothing.  Last week I had a client in who has a few personal difficulties, which I won’t discuss on here, but this one hour appointment is a lot of hard work and one hell of a lot of effort to ensure that the time, that he pays for, is perfect for him.  I even put up with a small bit of personal, verbal abuse during it, but it’s not his fault, it’s just the way he is and his disability means that he doesn’t consider that his behaviour is unreasonable.  Luckily I know he’s coming to visit me about four days in advance so I can ensure that I don’t book anyone else in an hour before or an hour after his scheduled arrival time as he can turn up early without thinking and he can arrive late without thinking too and an hour isn’t an hour.  His hour last week took up two hours of my time because he had got himself lost coming to visit me and I had to jump in the car and try to find him.  Thankfully I did find him and everything was good.  He then said at the end of the appointment, “Can I have some money back as I am sure that was just half an hour“.  His appointment was for 2pm, I collected him just after 2pm, shortly after he had phoned me and told me he was lost in Gosforth and it was already 3.15pm when he said this to me and my time with him still wasn’t done, I still needed to drop him at Regent Centre Metro Station, in 3pm traffic with the schools coming out with bumper to bumber traffic so I had to be stern and refuse his request because that was basically just taking the piss a little and abusing my generosity.  In addition to this, his mother phoned four times during the appointment.  He’s 22 but she obviously checks on him constantly during the day.  That’s most certainly NOT money for nothing.  His 2pm for one hour had me jump in the car at 1.45pm to find him and get back home at 3.50pm after dropping him off.  Yes, a little over two hours, for a one hour fee, so once again, this was most certainly not Money for Nothing.

Quite often, we’re more than just a paid sexual encounter, we’re someone who often listens to their inner most feelings and we’re someone who may be the only other person in the world who knows that they have a sexual need to have physical contact with another man.  I see a lot of men who tell me that I am the only gay escort that they have ever seen and quite often you can just roll your eyes and think “yeah of course” but there are a small few who I completely believe.  Those men are paying Money for Something and I happen to be that something and so I try and tailor the appointment to their needs and desires.

I’ve taken appointments from guys at 10am, who have booked for 8pm and who turn up at my home coked off their nut, sometimes drunk and the nicest man on the phone can be a pig of an ignoramus when he arrives.  That’s not money for nothing.

I often go through phases where I see 20 lovely men in a row and then my luck changes and I get five or six tossers one after the other and you go to bed at night and wonder what you did to deserve that.  I suppose it’s like working in a supermarket, most people are nice and then you get an awkward twunt who makes your life a misery.

You do see good looking men, respectful gentlemen and chatty, funny, friendly guys and sometimes they can be “Money for Nothing” but when you’re in any type of job that deals directly with the public, the job is rarely money for nothing.  You have to treat every client with the same respect.  Sometimes I have to allow a little bit of extra time for some clients but then you get others who book an hour and are gone in 40 minutes, thank you personally for the experience and return again the following month.

Whenever I hear Money for Nothing I think to myself ………… I’d love to see you do this and witness just what a difficult job this can be at times.


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