More Trucker Fun

27th August 2011

I am becoming a bit of a trucker slut, I’ve seen three in just a few months, yet at one time, I’d maybe get one enquiry a year. Talking about truckers on blogs has brought in a bit of passing trade, so to speak. If you search gay newcastle trucker, my “Another Day, Another Trucker” post ranks as 7th on Google LOLOLOL and if you search trucker escort gay, I come at the top for “Another Day” and second for “Trucker Fucker” and that’s without listing a location. I am not complaining hahahaha.

I met last night’s trucker just outside Newcastle, pre arranged earlier in the day. I went out to visit him in a nice secluded area. Nice chap, another late 40’s masculine type guy. Found one of my blog posts online and followed the links to my profile. He’d been with a few guys over the years so he knew what he wanted from the appointment.

Got sorted and made a beeline for his crotch. Got that nice long cock right down the back of my throat. Very tasty indeed. Nice bit of rimming on him and he decided he wanted me on my back in the missionary position so he could fuck my arse with a couple of sex toys. He pushed in a smallish dildo, then came a bigger one and it wasn’t long before he was up there. Fucked me until he shot a massive load. We were only 20 minutes into an hours appointment. It always worries me a little when they get carried away, I want them to have the full hour but on this occasion I didn’t need to worry. “Get down there you cocksucking bitch” he said in a very strong masculine tone. Yep, he wanted his cock sucked whilst he played with my arse, telling what a dirty fucking cunt I was. “Suck it harder you bitch”, “Gonna fuckin’ dump a second load all over your fucking face”. After about 20 minutes of deep throat and trucker cock worship, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and dumped it all over my goatee beard, he then used the head of his cock and his fingers to push the cum into my mouth and asked me to let it dribble down again, he then used his cock to push it back in. Finished off by tonguing his cock and licking all the wet spunk off it until it was nice and clean.

I think I was thoroughly filthy. I know he seems to think I was. I’ve already had a text off him this morning saying he’s left me feedback and a “field report”, I am dying to see it

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