My Gentlemen Friends Are Not Gay

I’ve touched on this before and I feel that it’s maybe time to re-visit this subject.  I talk to a lot of people online, some of whom have had a hard time getting their heads around the fact that I see some really jaw dropping, masculine, handsome men, the type they dream about snaring for themselves.  Some people I talk to don’t believe that a gay escort can be really busy and popular and some can’t work out where I get the stamina from on busy days, but the question I get put to me time and time again is “Do their wives (or girlfriends) know they are gay”.

Let’s put this one to bed, once and for all.  The men I see for intimate appointments and social liaisons are not gay.  Over 80% of the men I see, on a weekly basis, are men in 100% committed heterosexual married or co-habiting relationships, nearly always a very happy relationship and always a relationship they’ve no plans in ending.  Another 15%, I would say are single men who like a bit of fun with a guy from time to time and identify themselves as being straight.  About 5% of the men I see, in a year, are gay and most of them are closeted gay men, where coming out as gay is not an option.  Yes… that still happens in 2014.

All of the men that book me have some sort of physical need to have a sexual encounter with another man, whether it’s just to get this idea out of their system once and for all, whether it be a growing need for male to male contact or whether it be a physical need for sexual intercourse with another man.   Most of the men  who visit me for an appointment don’t sleep around with other men, a lot of men I see also book female escorts and a small number of men I see have female partners who have encouraged them to have fun with other men in the past.

I get asked “Do you feel guilty about seeing married men”.  My answer is always no….. I don’t feel guilty, what is there to feel guilty about.  I am doing nothing wrong and I am providing them with an essential service which can keep their married life a very happily married life.  Escorts save 100 times more marriages than they ever break up and the only time a wife (or partner) finds out about the arrangement is when the client slips up by accident.  Escorts have no incentive to break up a marriage because what good does it do to an escort when Mr Client is suddenly back in the market place for recreational sex because his wife has thrown him out.

The most popular sexual activity I provide as an escort is Oral Sex.  I am bloody good at it too and I take my time with it, allow every guy to cum in my mouth, if they so wish and ensure that every bloke gets to experience my fantastic deep throat service.  If wives provided oral sex as standard, every night of the week for their entire married lives, us escorts would be out of business.

My oral service is closely followed by anal penetration. Of those wanting anal, approximately 70% of men want to fuck me and 20% want it done to them and about 10% fancy a bit of both.  Rimming is the next popular activity but is a service I will only perform on men who have showered in my presence.

What people don’t get….. when they’re trying to justify their argument that the men I see “Must Be Gay”, is that oral, active anal and rimming are all heterosexual activities too.  They’re not exclusively gay.  Receptive anal with an physical penis is probably the only exclusively gay activity they get up to and to be brutally honest even then, most of those guys have managed, at some point in their lives, to talk their wives into sticking a finger or three up there, plus receptive anal on the guy who visits me is the least requested service that I provide.  Less than 1 in 20 appointments result in me fucking a married bloke.  Many more want to experience a butt plug or toy but very few men come to me for first time anal on them.

I wish people would stop putting others into compartmentalised boxes and just accept that human sexuality is not a defined science.  Some people are totally straight, others are totally gay but most men are somewhere in the middle and most importantly… my gentlemen friends are not gay.

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