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12th July 2011

I’ve just had the most amazing fuck from a guy I last seen via AW in January.  He’s on his way to the airport and asked his taxi if he would drop him at mine on the way.  He phoned early this morning and asked me if he could do the anal quickie because he’s going to have a taxi waiting around the corner.  After reminding him about my need for discretion he explained that he’d already told the taxi driver he was picking up some important papers in Gosforth before his flight and would need quarter of an hour to get them signed and witnessed.

Good job the taxi driver didn’t witness what went on LOL.

In he came, 3 piece suit and I could see the hard on growing as we walked along the corridor to the bedroom.  I was wearing jogging pants with no underwear (as requested), his other requests were that I was pre-lubed with a butt plug up my ass and be on all fours on the bed straight away.  So I did everything as discussed, he simply unzipped his pants, out came the butt plug I’d been clamping my arse muscles onto and his cock went straight up, this guy is big too.

After a few hard strokes, he told me to stand up, he reached over for the butt plug, up went his eight thick inches again, he held steady and then forced the butt plug up my hole too.  I was really fucking stretched.  He continued to fuck me with the butt plug whilst he held his rock hard piece of meat in there.

Out came the butt plug and the pumping of my arse started again.   “That arse is nice and fucking juicy today” he said.  He banged away at my hole.  “I am going to have to make this a regular fuck now, arse is a much tigher fuck hole for my cock”.

We finished off with me on my knees, sucking away on his impressive tool, he shot a massive load and it went straight down the hatch.  Not bad for 10.30.  Fucked, DP and a mouthfull of businessman spunk.  He zipped up (the suit never came off) and got back into his cab.

I am just hoping there will be a few more as full on as him today.  I love having my holes being used by men for their satisfaction, especially quickies, straight in, straight up, no fuss, no chit chat, just me being a slut and him getting what he needs, de-spunked.

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