My Role

I used to think my role in the sex industry amounted to nothing more than “occasional, no strings fuck buddy”.  How wrong was I to even consider that my role was anything as crass as that or that my own feelings towards myself and my occupation were so nonchalant and selfish.

To many guys I am that occasional, no strings fuck buddy.  To others I am an indulgence, to many I am a much needed service and to a few I am that bit of luxury to help them get through their busy lives.

I have so many private conversations with so many people on so many levels about so many things to do with their own lives, I forget that all of these people are trusting me with personal information that they are happy to volunteer because they trust me.  This trust is such a heart warming, positive daily experience for me and it’s something that’s never divulged.

The role of an escort and I use escort in the non gender specific model, is that of a person that you can spend time with and who you know you can be yourself with and who will not judge you, kiss and tell or gossip about you and your personal life once your time together has ended.  Gentlemen tell me all sorts of stuff about themselves, where they’ve been, where they live and this information stays with me and is never ever spoken about outside those appointments.  Yes, another guy might read the blog and say “Oh he sounded lovely, was he married” and I will reply with “Yes, just like you, he’s married, lovely, couple of teenage kids and appreciates the time we spend together”.  It’s left like that.

My role, on an appointment, is not to judge you, it’s not to pressure you into booking again, it’s to try my very best, with the resources I have, to make your time perfect and to give you the best sex life you could imagine.  I try very hard to make sure that every penny spent on an appointment with me is worth every penny of your hard earned money.  I never forget and I always appreciate that you work hard to be able to treat me and acquire my service and I never lose sight of the fact that there’s always a new kid on the block, around the corner, just waiting in the wings.

A short little blog for a Sunday but one that’s completely to the point and tries someway to go towards making you realise that an executive escorts role, is that of a person who wants to try and give you the very best of themselves at all times and who wants the executive gentlemen to feel relaxed and comfortable in the knowledge that the person they are seeing is giving them the 110% commitment that they give to their employers.  The gentlemen I see tend to be the gentlemen who don’t think twice of going the extra mile in their careers and therefore it should be second nature for the escort that they choose to spend time with to offer that same level of commitment.  Remember guys, we don’t find you, you find us and when you find us, the best among us want you to know that you made the right choice in taking a chance on an appointment.  An appointment we want you to enjoy and feel comfortable, confident and positive about.

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