New Review 4th December 2018

This was sent to me by email and therefore I have copied it over to the blog as it’s the best place to keep my reviews.  It’s very detailed and I must have impressed him, he’s given me permission to publish it.

Dear Steve

Please add the following review to your website, I have written it in the style of an Adultwork review but as I did not book you via Adultwork I have written it in the same vein as I think a detailed review would be a good asset for marketing your superb service.  I will send another email by separate cover just to explain why I wrote it.

Appointment – 5pm – 30th November 2018

The Initial Enquiry

Visited Steve at his apartment.  I was planning to arrive at his home by Metro as I was arriving into Newcastle on a flight from Heathrow and was staying in Morpeth for a family wedding for the weekend but as soon as he realised I was flying in, he offered to collect me from the airport entrance.  I had phoned Steve a few days before and it was all conducted in a professional and courteous manner.  He asked if I would text or call once I was through airport security at Heathrow to confirm that I was on my way and he said that he would arrive at Newcastle Airport about 10 minutes after my arrival time.  That attention to detail made me feel very confident that I had made the correct choice.

Arrival & First Impressions

Arrived at Steve’s apartment, which is very tasteful, Classic FM playing on the radio, huge king sized bed, massage table, walk in rain shower which was warm and inviting on this very cold rainy afternoon.

I felt a bit guilty about only booking an hour when he’d gone to so much trouble.  Had a shower to freshen up, if you go to visit him you must use the shower, it’s a huge rain shower which falls from what I can only describe as a huge shower head about 8 to 9 foot high.  Steve also jumped in at my request.  Expensive Ralph Lauren fluffy towels available and this might sound like a silly thing to comment on but I stay in some fine hotels around the world and his “client room” as he calls it is just that, a luxury boutique boudoir.  You couldn’t miss the Ralph Lauren motif on the towels.

Steve is a bearded hairy guy and what you could only describe as a well built bloke.  Steve is not what you would expect from an escort and I was quite surprised because he’s very much like someone you’d work with or have a few drinks with in the pub.  You can tell that he’s very well educated and knows exactly what he’s doing.  Steve was wearing a pair of black speedos which I requested in advance for our shower experience as I didn’t want to see what was on offer straight away, I wanted a bit of tease beforehand.

The Appointment

I am top and this was discussed beforehand.  Steve was immaculately clean both in his presentation and inside for anal sex.  He is fully shaven with a fantastic arse that you can get lost in forever.  At my request Steve didn’t wear any deodorant or scent as I like the smell of a guy when I get an opportunity like this.  Sex was great, it wasn’t timed or mechanical and he has some stamina.  I have been with many male escorts who expect the fucking to be the end performance and who seem to think it should be over within a few minutes, Steve encourages this at the beginning, in the middle and at the end.  I certainly got my fill of fucking, to last me a few months before I get another chance at a same sex encounter again.

The End

Quick shower and Steve ordered me a taxi from his home to go to my follow on location, which turned up about ten minutes later.

Would I Return

Most certainly but the last time I was in Newcastle was in 1992 and this encounter could only happen as my partner had already arrived in the North East a few days before and I had a good excuse to visit Steve on the way.  If you are considering an appointment with Steve, it’s makes a huge difference to the appointment if he knows in advance what you want from it.  I was quite up front, I like to be top and two or three times in an appointment would be great but I stressed that I could only cum once so therefore a bit of edging is something that would most certainly be needed in our encounter.  I was impressed that he picked me up at the Airport and knowing this I rewarded him with a bottle of something 40% proof from the airport, which I gave him as I left.   As for Steve himself, he’s a very smart, friendly, confident man.  I stress MAN because if you’re visiting him expecting a limp wristed fem guy, he’s not going to impress you.  He’s a man, built like a man, speaks like a man and dresses like a man.  I am bisexual and if I want to have sex with a man, I want a man.  This is what I got.

Recommended – Yes

Score – 10/10

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