Nice Fuck Hole Mate

12th August 2011

I love feedback for my website, it’s good for a bit of self promotion and it’s good to see that I’ve done a good job.

I’ve just had a nice manual type worker over, works for one of the utility services, hiviz jacket, heavy work boots.  Came in and took his work boots off in the lobby.  Just finished an emergency call out and “Didn’t score last night when out with my mates, so I am horny as fuck”.  I had a hard on just seeing the work overalls and that was before he came into the bedroom, so that was two of us horny as fuck.

Got his kit off and woof, lovely hairy chest, arms and legs.  I knew where this was going.  “I was thinking of arse all fucking morning, my mates were trying to cop off with a couple of lasses and I like a bit of that myself but I woke up. this morning wanting a tight arse to fuck”.  It wasn’t long before he was in there and boy could this bloke fuck.  First ride lasted about 5 minutes before he exploded with a massive fuck load of spunk and then it was straight back up my wet arse for a second round.  I looked at the alarm clock as he started fucking me again, it was 2.10pm, I got the last hard stroke, right to the hilt at  exactly 2.33pm.  He went a couple of minutes over time, but who cares when you’ve got a fat 8 inch cock up your arse.

He got himself cleaned up and got on his way.  He’s popping home for a shower and then a few drinks in town.  10 minutes later I got a text.  “Cheers for that, nice fuck hole mate, proper drained, balls empty but i’ll  come back again sometime with 5 days worth of spunk to shoot and fuck you stupid again”

Please do………and soon

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