Night Owls

2nd September 2011

Two numbers called me last night, one at 1.11, 1.13 and 1.47 and the other at 4.15, 4.23 and 6.04. One left a voicemessage asking me to visit him at his hotel and the other sent a text with “you up hun”. The text came inbetween the 1.13 and 1.47am calls.

Even if I was awake, I won’t accommodate in the middle of the night and very few hotels would let me in without showing a key card to prove I was resident for the evening, we all know how arsey concierge can be. I’ve text both of them apologising for missing their calls but saying that I am not around 24/7 but if they catch this message this morning I can visit them anytime from 8am. Needless to say I’ve had no reply, I didn’t expect to, they’re probably asleep, like I was, or they’ve woken up and are now wondering why I’ve sent a reply to their messages that they can’t remember sending.

The last guy I seen at 6am in a hotel, was so coked up to the eyeballs he hardly even knew I was there. I’d gone to bed early the night before and so I woke up very early at 5am and fancied a cup of tea, I was just messing about doing last minute packing because I due to be at the airport to go on holiday for 8.30am. My work phone rang and it was a guy in a local hotel, just 5 minutes away from me on the A1, asking if I was available, well, I was wide awake so why not and so I arrived a little before 6am. He let me in the side entrance of his travelodge type place and we went straight to his room. He was as high as a kite, couldn’t do anything and fell asleep twice. He didn’t want me to leave him, he was paranoid to fuck (the drugs) and so I ended up staying longer than expected and at 7am, I said “Well that’s me off” but he didn’t believe I’d been there over an hour and got stroppy. I left (by the main entrance) and made the short journey home. There was no way I could stay later, a taxi was picking me up at 8.10am. Guys like that end up spoiling it for the rest because you’re always in two minds the next time, whether the appointment is worth the hassle. I only took the appointment because I was going on holiday later that morning and thought it was a nice bit of extra spending money

We’re all guilty of it though, so I make an allowance for guys like that, we’ve all got a bit merry, in the past and thought the stupidest ideas are the best. I think a lot of guys who ring escorts and escort agencies in the middle of the night, do so under the influence and think better of it the following morning, much like the guys who book in advance for a week on Friday and then change their mind before hand (but don’t ever bother to let us know). One such guy phoned me a few weeks back and asked if I could see him on Friday night at 6.30pm as he was passing by on the A1 at that time after a meeting. When I mentioned that he’d booked an advanced appointment on the 21st of February for 6pm, he took a sharp breath and denied it. I told him I was happy to take the appointment but only on the day. When he denied it, I said “Listen mate, I’m not being rude here but if you book an advanced appointment, please keep it or cancel it, it takes 2 seconds and a text will suffice but if you go silent on me on the day I will keep your number so you don’t do it to me again”. What they don’t seem to realise is that when they book an advanced appointment for 6.30pm next Friday, I could have turned down at 6pm, 6.30pm or a 7pm appointment on the same day that would have genuinely booked. I lose out, not only on his advanced appointment, but also on the guy who would have taken that, or a similar appointment time. They’d be mighty pissed off if one of their customers pissed them about like that in their work place. This is my work place, so don’t do it to me. Needless to say he didn’t phone on the day. I didn’t expect him too, they don’t like being reminded that they messed me about in the past.

Back to the Night Owls, why, when my answer phone says, “Hi it’s Steve, I answer this phone 10am to 10pm blah blah…” do they leave 2 or 3 messages asking me to return their calls at 2am and asking why I am ignoring them. Us working boys and working girls need all the help we can get at times.

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