No Obligation

23rd May 2012

Clients often wonder “Does he keep our numbers and blimey, what if he phones us up when we’re with our girlfriends”.

I don’t keep a collection of client numbers, obviously my phone logs the last 20 or so incoming and outgoing calls. The only numbers I keep are those guys I have barred because they’ve no showed, timewasted me, love to text but never book or have been circulated to me by other escorts/agencies for similar reasons. If someone calls me and messes me about I am well within my rights to keep their number, so they don’t do it me again.

Clients are under no obligation to contact me again and I sure as hell won’t contact them again. That’s the way this business works. It’s all about discretion and trust. It’s about no strings, no ties and although I really do like some of my regular clients, if you’re a one off client who may never book again, it doesn’t matter if you tell me your real name or not.

I never pry as to what guys do for a living, I am not interested in where you’re from. I am interested, yes, if you wish to divulge those details, it’s a good to keep a friendly fun lively conversation going in between telling me to clamp my arse muscles on your cock.

I have met a couple of guys at hotels recently who fancied a drink at the bar before. Hey that’s good with me, a large white wine would be nice. If he’s a bit more blokey and beer is the call of the day I’ll have a Stella please. These guys like to chat, have a bit of “get to know you time” but I never ask any personal details and it’s not because I don’t want to get to know you, it’s because I want you to be comfortable with what you tell me. You don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to.

On a weekend appointment a few months back in East Anglia, the guy I visited felt he had to reveal certain things, stuff he would never have told me in the previous one hour session at a Newcastle hotel. He’d told me in the Newcastle appointment that he lived in Essex, whereas it was Norfolk, he told me his name was one thing but his debit card said something else when he paid for dinner. That stuff doesn’t bother me and even if I did see something like that, which was quite obvious as it was placed on the saucer in front of me I would never question it.

This work is all about discretion, reliability, being a people person and allowing the client to tell you what they want with no obligation whatsoever.

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