No Shows – What Do They Get Out Of It

16th September 2012

Every escort, like myself, is plagued with no shows, what do they get out of it ?

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a gentleman who wanted an appointment a week on Monday, he phoned me, had a lengthy discussion and said he would book a week on Monday when his wife was away.  Never heard another thing.  Thing is, this doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  I get dozens of calls every week from guys who say they will ring back, many are just sounding me out and I may not have been what they were looking for and that’s fine, I don’t take offence if they don’t ring again but what gets me and every other escort down is the guys who book for a specific time and then don’t show.

This week alone I have had 5 guys who said they would visit me but didn’t show, three I didn’t believe, one I thought was possible and one I thought was definite.

The definite one wanted 1pm on Friday, so I gave him directions and told him to phone when he was at the place I tell all new clients to ring me from.  He’d booked at 11am and sounded lovely so I thought this one would most certainly come off.  I’d asked him which was he was coming off the A1, whether it was northbound or southbound and he said he was coming from Durham so it would be northbound.  He phoned as requested at 1pm and said “Sorry Steve, I’ve not left Durham yet, I have to go back to work, another time maybe”.  Maybe not.  Durham is 30 minutes away and so he would have known at 12.30 he could not attend and made no effort to cancel it until his actual arrival time, thus inconveniecing me because I could have easily booked someone else in for 1pm who I had turned away.  These are the exact same guys who don’t like being inconvenienced in their own jobs and yet don’t think twice about doing it to me in my job.

There are genuine clients who book and who say to me “Steve, why did you give me a run around with making me get to a certain area and then give out the address, it would be much easier to just give the address out in the first place so us guys know where we are going”.  I explain everytime that guys like that 1pm appointment would then have my address and yet have no intention of booking.  I need privacy too.

Guys ring all the time and says, “Keep 5pm free and I will ring when I am in the area” without ever finding out which part of Gosforth I am in.  I take these all with a pinch of salt because 4 out of 5 of them never book or “get in the area” so if someone else who sounds more genuine rings for 5pm, I am going to take their 5pm as opposed to the one who is ringing when he gets nearby.  Sometimes those appointments do come to fruition and I always apologise and try and move stuff around to accommodate them, even if they have to wait 20 minutes to see me.

The no shows are always shocked when I answer their subsquent call a month or so later (when they think I’ve forgot) and remind them of their no show.  ”I was called into work”, “The car broke down”, “Little Johnny got hurt in the playground”, “My wife came home”.  All these drama’s, there’s always an excuse but when you book an escort, no show and have your phone switched off, there is no excuse.  It takes 2 seconds of your time to cancel a liaison, so if the car broke down and you’re waiting for Green Flag to arrive, during that 45 minute wait for the recovery truck to arrive, do you think you could even just spare a few moments to text the escort and stop wasting their time.   The no shows think their excuse is unique, it’s not, I hear it all the time.  I love the “called into work” excuse when it’s at 8pm.  Blimey they booked an escort and didn’t remember they were on emergency call out.  Yes sometimes these excuses are genuine but most of the time they’re not and we all know they’re not, we hear them all too often.

The best excuse of 2012, when I pulled a no show, was that it was his uncle’s phone he inherited and he was sorry for his Uncle Gordon’s conduct but Uncle Gordon had returned to Pakistan and he wondered seeing as he was technically a new client if I would give him a chance.  My reply was “So you inherit a phone from an Uncle who no shows escorts and you apologise about his conduct, most guys would just say I don’t know what you’re talking about if it was genuine and it’s odd, uncle and nephew like to ring the same escorts for appointments.  That’s one hell of a co-incidence”.  He hung up and didn’t phone back.

I don’t know what they get out of booking fake appointments with an escort. I don’t mind the countless enquiries but I do take offence at the no shows.  It’s the worst thing about this industry.  There’s timewasters in every field, GP’s get no show patients, hairdressers get no show clients, reps go to empty houses, it happens, but when someone is inviting relative strangers into their home for paid sex it makes it worse.  We put ourselves in a vulnerable position, inviting men we don’t know to visit us and so the no shows are the lowest of the low, playing on the goodwill of escorts to release their personal information when the client has no intention of keeping to their word.

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