No, You Can’t Have Free Sex

Last week was one of those weeks. It started with a text from a regular with “I am desperate to suck your cock in the morning……… are you around”  Yes I was around but for an appointment.  Last I heard of that.  Last night, another text, this time from a different person.  I was wondering if you fancied some wine and some fun.  Yes if you are going to book.  His reply “I thought with it being Sunday you might be having a night off”.  Nope sex is never free at Stephen’s Pad.


When men get to know you and have been to see you on a number of occasions, they ask you personal questions about yourself.   I don’t mind answering them but they usually do this without offering any information about themselves.  Why should I reveal personal aspects of my life when I have never asked your name in the first place. I do not have a clue what the names of some men are and I seen one guy called Phil who used to be called Peter and  I could have seen them 20 times and never asked them any personal details, even a name because it’s not relevant to my life.  I am not hiring you for a service, the same as the shop assistant never asks your name in the store but you might ask theirs.  It’s the same principle.

Please remember, just because someone is familiar with you it does not mean you’re going to get something for free, so don’t ask because for a freebie because  then you won’t spoil the relationship and arrangement.  If you pop into your local Esso garage, do they let you fill up for free just because you use that forecourt regularly.  Nope and my tank doesn’t empty for free either.

Steve x

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