Not Being Political

I have been pulled a few times for not being sympathetic to the political concerns, struggles and day to day worries of other escorts on social media such as Twitter and my own blog.  To be honest I don’t really care if your a swerf or a terf or a sis or a cis or a man or a woman, a trans or anything.  It really doesn’t interest me.  I actually like people for who they are and if they’re not bothering me then I won’t bother them.

I am not a great fan of career-carers like Julie Bindel etc, they really couldn’t give a flying fuck about sexworker rights, it’s just to get their name in the paper and carve a career for themselves being shouty about something others won’t touch.  Rhoda Grant is the same, a countryfile MSP who is concerning herself with city nonsense that she knows nothing about.  It’s not about protecting sexworkers it’s about making a name for herself at Holyrood.

A couple of Twitter friends have pulled me for the use of the words, loony, bonkers etc, yes I think some of the tweets and blog posts are bonkers, full of words even university educated people like me struggle to understand and by the 4th sentence I lose interest.  I came into escorting as a way to fund my lifestyle, I fancied being more part time with my job and this was the perfect solution and I am quite happy to stand up and be counted but I am not interested in who is a swerf and who is a terf.  I don’t even know what they mean and when I mentioned them to my friend Michelle she thought it was something to do with a burger and prawn ring Wetherspoons meal.

I am interested in the struggles sexworkers have on a daily basis but I not interested in reading daily essays about how women have such a struggle and men have privilege.  As I discussed with my friend yesterday, the last time I heard the word Privilege being banded about it was when Joanna Lumley was selling car insurance.  All these terms are baffling to me and that’s not what I use Twitter for, I use it as a marketing tool and to meet unusual and friendly people I probably would never know otherwise.  Please don’t chastise me for my lack of interest.  I am here to escort and be political at times I see fit.  I don’t need to disect it for a thesis.

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