Obviously At A Charge

12th July 2012

Oh dear, I do get them……………………..

Yesterday, I received a text message from a client I have seen before asking me if I would hire out my apartment to him so he could bring an escort back to mine for fun.  I could join in too if I liked “Obviously at a charge”.

This somewhat amused me and obviously I said no and hats off to him for having the balls to ask it in the first place but if you’re not prepared to accommodate an escort at your own home, he’s not prepared to accommodate a client at his home, you can hardly expect another escort with incall premises to allow a past client, who he might never see again to entertain another escort in your domain.

It was the fact I was going to be charged to spectate that amused me the most.  So ok…………. he’s willing to hire my home but then somehow thinks its acceptable to ask me to join in “obviously at a charge”, there’s nothing obvious about it.  It’s my home, I am not letting two strangers loose in my bedroom, my shower, using my hot water and my towels and my condoms and my lube, watching my porn and using my electric heater.

I wasn’t rude or particularly upset about the request, it was the fact I was errrm, expected to pay for an escort to be at my house if I wished to attend the liaison myself, I thought it was a bit of cheek hahahaha, but if you’re married or partnered or living with parents and can’t accommodate please don’t think that the local working boy is going to hire you his place on the cheap and not attend himself, I’ve met the client once and have no idea who the escort is and from past experience I don’t like escorts knowing where I live.

I suggested in the end that he tries the Metro Inns, anything goes at Metro Inns from what I’ve heard and it’s only £22 a room but I didn’t get a reply to that suggestion.  I was asked though to let him know if I changed my mind.  I don’t think I need my mind changing on this subject.  I would also be very annoyed if I did let it out to them, went out and left them to their own devices, sat outside in the car waiting for them to finish and then lost my own appointment.  That would really piss me off.

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