Off The Clock

Whilst browsing online, last night, minding my own business, after a busy day at the office, I came across a gay escort advert.  It’s someone I don’t know but I stumbled across it and decided to see what sort of things he offered.  He’s not local but he’s a similar age and although he’s not competition I often look at other gay escort profiles just to get a feel for what is out there.
It was a nice enough profile, he looked a nice enough boyish type guy, where as I am more masculine and bearded.  The thing that surprised me the most was his opening statement.  “If I am contacting you, it’s because I want to have sex off the clock, if you contact me, remember I am an escort and will be charging a fee”.  The first question to myself was….. “Who is he contacting “Off The Clock” that would read such an advert” and the second thought I had to myself was “That’s a really frightening statement to make to potential clients”.  
Clients really … really … really don’t want escorts to contact them off the clock.  I never see guys off the clock.  I have one private arrangement, away from my day to day escorting career with a gentleman, who does contact me “off the clock”, but whom I don’t see, “off the clock”, well, that’s not strictly true, I see him for a longer time that I would with most guys and he “treats me” accordingly, if you understand what I mean and it’s not a typical escorting appointment because we both genuinely like each other.  I would never entertain text messages during the week from other guys, enquiring about how I am, what I am doing, making plans for my next visit, but I will with him.  That’s not off the clock, it’s being genuinely nice to someone who is genuinely nice to me.  It’s a mutual arrangement which we both prefer to have. I never ever contact him… like this advert implied, he contacts me, usually once a week and we see each other twice a month on average.  I would never dream of texting him and initiating a conversation but I will chat by text or phone for as long as he likes when he’s able to contact me.
An escorts’ role is to be there at the convenience of the client, not the other way around.  I have enough sex in my day job to want to start initiating a hook up, for want of a better word.  The last thing I think of at 9pm is a big fat cock pounding my arsehole for 30 minutes, I usually like to be tucked up in bed with a bottle of wine and watching Joan Rivers and Giuliana Rancic on Fashion Police.  If my phone rings at 9.30pm and it’s a guy I know, I am happy to pause my TV and start bouncing on cock, but its not off the clock.  It’s on the clock.  I would be devastated if I seen a guy off the clock and missed out on a new client in a hotel who could book me another 7 times in the next 12 months.  All that money lost because you’ve having some recreational sex.
One thing said to me time and time again, “God any bloke meeting you must be a lucky bloke, all this sex all the time with you, I would love to have a lover like you, who just loves riding cock”.  Hmm real life isn’t really like that……. do you really think I’d want to intensely shag your brains out 24/7, Off The Clock.

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