Older Stud

3rd May 2012

I met a nice new client yesterday, professional university type, older late 50s, the sort you can see with an overhead projector telling about the lifecycle of the ladybird at a lecture.

He had the cords, the check shirt, the well kept white beard. Very much the professor.

He was very nervous when he came in, he’d asked me, on the phone, in advance if it was necessary for me to cum during an appointment because that somewhat worried him. “No”, I said “There is never any obligation to make me cum”. He was only interested in anal sex and I knew this before he arrived. The appointment was all about his obsession with all thing bum wise.

He wanted me to be very passive, he wanted to control the whole appointment. He wanted to be on top, he wanted to undress me on the bed, he wanted me to sniff his masculine scent on his arm pits, he wanted to be told how hairy his chest was. He wanted to be the man. I am not opposed to sniffing arm pits etc if that’s what turns him on.

He started with deep kissing and the unbuttoning of my shirt and jeans. Normally I would wear a sports top and pants but he wanted what he wanted and when he’s paying he can have whatever clothing he wants. Next his hand was down my pants, his mouth was on my nipples and his fingers slid under my balls right down to my arse. He put two fingers in my arse, then put them in my mouth for lubrication and then back down to my arse and back up again, “Taste that fuck hole, hmmm fucking taste it”. He beckoned me to turn over, I was wearing a jock strap as requested, to give him full access to the prize. Within seconds his tongue was inside my arse crack, darting in and out, he was fingering it in between licks, spitting on it and pushing in a third and then pulled off his belt and started to tan my arse with the strap of his belt. “You dirty little fucking slut, allowing other men to fuck your arse”, each stroke of the belt was met with the words “Dirty…….. (slap)…….. fucking……..(slap)……..slut……..dirty……..(slap)……..fucking………(slap)……..slut”. Oh what a bloke !!!!!

His whole mouth covered my arsehole, his nose sniffing it, whilst he tongued it and next was the prize. His hard cock, stood on parade, went in. “Ahhh…………………..fucking wonderful” he gasped “Picking up strange men, you fucking dirty whore……………..wanting me to give you my seed and fucking begging for anonymous men to own you”. Yes I was his cum whore, cock taking, arse bandit slut.

After about 10 minutes, 3 positions, me on all fours, me spread against the wall and me on top, he was ready to come. “On the floor”, he screeched, so I slid down the bed, got on the floor and he spunked all over my face, chest and jock strap. There was tons of it, like he hadn’t cum in weeks.

He lay on the bed cooling off for 5 minutes and then said “Well back to work, I’ve got a meeting at 2pm where they’re expecting me to say yes and ……. after that performance I am in the mood to give them just what they want”.

Oh well, my efforts will make someone else happy at his work.

Another good appointment. It’s so much more fun when they know what they want and know what they want from you

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