On His Way To See His Girlfriend

8th September 2012

A few days ago I had a phone call from a very nice sounding gentleman who lived nearby.  He wanted to visit me at my home at around 7pm and wanted to know if I had shower facilities, deodorant and aftershave, yes hahaha, I have all of that suff, it comes as standard.

He arrived and didn’t require a shower, he’d just had one and smelt lovely.  He was a very sexy guy too, about my age, goatee beard, nice smooth skin, hairy chest and lovely cock.  He was initially only interested in oral but when he seen how big my cock was he decided he wanted to be fucked too.  Not a problem….. I hadn’t cum all day so it would be a pleasure to fuck such a fine handsome hunk of a guy.

He started off on my cock, he just couldn’t get enough of it and because he was very attractive I was hard from the moment he walked in the door.  He sucked like a pro, you wouldn’t think he was a 39 year old guy with limited male to male experiences.  He climbed on top of me in a 69 position and forced his solid cock down my eager throat.  He banged away at my mouth with such force and I willingly obliged.  The 69 suck seemed to go on forever, he was such a keen cocksucker and kept telling me how lovely my big cock was and how desperate he was to have it up his arse.

I pulled away from his cock and forced both of his balls into my mouth, there’s a technique to it, it’s not hard to do and clients always shriek with delight when it’s done to them.  Next was his arse, which I moistened up with a bit of deep tonguing and then it was onto the prize.  I got him to the end of the bed and inserted my small butt plug up his arse.  He quickly accostomed to having something up his arse but my cock just couldn’t get inside, he was very tight. I pushed in the tight butt plug again and then replaced it with a larger dildo which wasn’t as thick as my cock but was a gradient above the butt plug.  With a little flinch and a slight squeal he took it all.  A minute or so of aclimatising his arse, he was ready for the real thing.  In went my all seven and a half inches to the balls.

“Aaaah fuck that’s so fucking good” he said in a soft tone, I banged away for a good 10 minutes and then shot a massive load all over his back and watched it run down his arse cheeks.  I spooned some of it up and put my spunky fingers in his mouth and as he turned around on his back, my mouth made a beeline for his cock and he wanked a massive 8 spurt load of cum onto my tongue and down my throat.

De-Spunked, he had a glass of lime infused water and rested for a few seconds.  He then took a shower.

“Thanks for that Steve, just off out to meet the girlfriend for a few beers and that was just what I needed to put me in a good mood, that’s why I wanted to know about the shower, aftershave and deodorant”.

Yes, he did me on his way out to see his girlfriend and got himself spruced up for her after he’d been secretly fucked by another bloke. Horny man !!!!!

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