On The Cheap

18th September 2011

Driving back from an overnight stay, this morning, I got to wondering why some guys want it on the cheap and as cheap as f**king possible.

I had my phone on silent all night, but I was awake at about 6am and noticed a text had been sent, a little after 4am, it was a guy asking if I was available to visit him. I didn’t reply until 9am because if I had text him back at 6am and he was awake it would have started a whole text cycle that I couldn’t be bothered with.  When I replied, I said I was sorry but I am not available 24/7 and only just got the message.

I didn’t think anything more of it until just before 12noon when I got a text delivered as I was driving through Tow Law on the A68.  “You available today, want to suck you, wank you and you fuck me”.  I text back with prices and then got a reply “Any cheaper just for a blow job”.  Now come on guys I am not being ragged around the bed for £20, what did you think I was going to charge.  Similarly a guy a few days back emailed me saying “Sounds good, can we meet next week sometime”.  I replied back and gave him the prices and enquired about when he was thinking about.  He wasn’t planning to pay, that’s why he attached pics of his cock.  Which bit of the advert “Steve ££ Escort ££ Newcastle Incalls 10am to 11pm” did he think was just recreational sex ???????????

Another, last week thought my £20 quickie BJ was pricey.  What was he wanting to pay, a fiver FFS.  They really take the piss sometimes.  £20 is one of the best prices you will find anywhere to visit someone in a lovely apartment, safe and who allows you to dump your load in his mouth.

I had a guy email asking if I will take saucy pics of him in compromising positions, yes that’s good.  He’d also like pics off him wanking me off.  I asked how long for “Hour and Half”, so I emailed back a price which was way below the £100 I would normally charge for an hour and half and heard nothing since, again, what was he expecting me to charge.

All of these guys who text/email wanting it on the cheap have all read my website and online adverts, they all have a fair idea of the prices and if they don’t know, they must surely realise that I am not going to suck their cock for £4.99.  I think I’m worth the money I charge and although I am willing to be flexible, there’s flexible and taking the piss.

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