Outdoor Sex

26th October 2011

I’ve touched on this a few times, you might remember a post a few months back where I seen two clients in a wooded area just outside Ponteland and I’ve done a few bisexual truckers in the last few months. There are a number of cruising areas around the region but if I am planning outdoor sex with a client I would tend to stay away from areas that might already have considerable activity.

There’s nothing horny about having outdoor sex on a brisk October afternoon, the wind shooting straight up my arse as I am bent over a tree being fucked stupid by Mr White Van Man but on a nice day it’s not something I am opposed to. On Monday, I received a phonecall from a gentleman asking if I would meet him for outdoor sex. “Where” I asked. “I’m in a car park behind Northumberland Street in Newcastle”. Now come on, there’s outdoor fun and there the risk of getting myself on a charge for indecent exposure in a public place. Have some sense. I asked him to visit me at my home and his reply was “I don’t really want to do that, I will lose my parking spot”. I am sorry but I don’t fancy going on a sex offenders register for providing a guy with a quickie in a city centre car park. What is the world coming to.

I don’t mind meeting likeminded blokes for a bit of outdoor rumpy pumpy as long as it’s discreet. I don’t mind meeting two blokes for outdoor rumpy pumpy but common sense should come into it.

The few times I have offered an outdoor appointment I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I quite enjoy being shagged in the woods with nettles stinking my legs, it’s the thrill and excitement of it all. I like getting fucked or fucking truckers at their local truck stops (that’s a real turn on for me). So if you fancy a bit of outdoor nookie, be sensible when enquiring. If you’re sensible I won’t be opposed to it !!!

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