Overnight In London

I am on the train and heading back to Newcastle after what could only be described as a wonderful evening of fun, nice food, super company with a guy I genuinely like.

This, like many of my repeat appointments was with a gentleman who had visited Newcastle Upon Tyne on business and had booked me for a longer appointment before than the usual one hour, wham bam thank you ma’am, type of liaison and so he was back in the UK, this time in London.
I arrived at his suite at a top London hotel and he greeted me at the door and he was extremely warm, just like the last time and he looked genuinely pleased to see me. So pleased to see me, he had my pants down within 5 minutes of arriving, he was super super horny. He just couldn’t keep his hands off me.  I dressed with attention paid to every detail he requested.  One thing you can depend on is that I will bring everything as requested and I won’t let anyone down.
After a fondle on the sofa, we moved upstairs to the bedroom with a glass of wine, where he proceeded to fuck me super hard with the new anal bead toy I had recently purchased, exclusively for his use.  He just couldn’t keep his hands off me and to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t keep my hands off him. He’s exactly the type of guy I go for anyway, taller than me, masculine, hairy chested, bald with the most wonderful cock which is a perfect fit.  Once again it didn’t feel like an appointment, in fact meeting him doesn’t feel like an appointment, it actually feels natural and feels right.  
After a bit of illicit fun for over an hour, which flew over, we got dressed and he took me to a fabulous London restaurant, one I had wished to visit for a long time and was always on my itinerary.  We dined and had the most wonderful food and wine where he paid me the most wonderful compliment that really boosted my confidence. He told me he had seen a lot of guys over the years and no one was like me.  There wasn’t two Steve’s in the gay escorting community and he was throughly pleased to have found me.  We finished dinner then had a slow walk around the quiet London streets and then it was time to get back to the hotel for round two and round three.  Once again he fucked me stupid within an inch of my life, super deep this time and we tried a few new things like DP (Double Pentration) with his cock and those exclusive anal beads.   Round three commenced and then it was time for sleep because we both had an early rise the next morning and of course I wanted him at least twice before I had to head back to Newcastle.  Some people think a liaison with an escort is just a “going through the motions” experience. With this guy it’s the complete opposite, there is genuine passion there, something you can actually see.  He is extremely filthy but when he’s with you, he pays complete attention to you and he makes sure you know just how much he adores the time you have with him.
When I got on the train at Kings Cross this morning I opened the envelope that contained my fee. Inside was a Christmas Card telling me that he was looking forward to seeing me many times in 2014, confirming what he had said yesterday evening.  I expect that my next visit will be a plane ride away for me, which is something else I don’t mind doing for genuinely nice people like him.
I’m looking forward to hearing from him again soon when he has another business trip he can invite me along for. He knows for sure now that I am super discreet and that no matter where he ends up in Europe he can count on me to arrive on time, provide the filthy sex he likes so much, be scintillating conversation and always be discreet and reliable. 
I am sure to get a text off him in the next few days when he reads this, I’d just like to say to him that it’s an absolute pleasure to see him and I hope he thinks the same.  

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  1. Sound’s like a good night Steve! Lucky bastard business man with an expenc account, (presumably).? I own my company so no expenc account, just annual meeting with accountants questioning my entertainment spend, which in 2013 is large. Ha Ha ( and you know Steve what that’s like ) with my business partner in attendance. Cheaper to keep a mistress or mr Ha. ( but fuck Steve ( no pun intended) you sound good!! And I never book less that 2 hours )

  2. It was a lovely night and I loved every minute of it, he’s just a guy who I really click with and I think that click was unexpected by both parties, we will just see where it goes and where it takes me. He’s very lovely though and he treated me very well. A perfect appointment

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