Phew……. You Can Tell It Was Pay Day

It’s 7pm and I’ve just literally sat down, this minute, with my first gin and tonic of the day.  I started this morning by making a joke about it being Pay Day.  Yes, you could certainly tell it was payday.

I started the morning off nice and quiet, sorting the cats out, looking for a better theme for the blog (which is the current version you’re seeing). I wasn’t 100% happy with the last blog theme and after a fortnight of finalising my website off and moving the blog, in house so to speak, onto my own server, I wondered whether I was going to be in for a busy day or not. Blimey………… I was in for a busy day.

The enquiries started early. Over 90% of my gentlemen book on the day, on-spec, and today was no exception. I had my day kicking off with a 1pm guy coming from Carlisle for the hour. He arrived, paid for the hour, was very nervous but we sorted out what the order of the day was for him and he went on his merry way. Earlier, at 12.15pm I had an enquiry from someone who found themselves in Gosforth and at a loose end for half an hour. I had knocked him back because I can’t have clients overlapping. If he was late finding me and the other one turned up early it doesn’t give me much time and I was expected to be bottoming for the 1pm guy from Carlisle and that takes 20 minutes preparation (too much info I know). Anyway, with the Cumbrian guy out of the way, I sent a discreet text to the businessman in Gosforth, saying I was unexpectedly clear. We couldn’t get it to work because I had an advanced appointment booked in for 2.30pm too. He couldn’t get back from where he was to get to me and be away in the short window I had available. This was a real shame because he sounded lovely on the phone. He was a new client too.

I decided to try and make a quick lunch, but no………. my phone had other ideas. A regular guy wanted to know if he could pop over in 5 minutes time…… yes in 5 minutes…… because he was “in the area”. Lunch got put to one side. Dinner was arriving and he’s a lovely little thing to munch on too. He was done and dusted by 2pm. Time for a coffee and my 4th shower of the day.

My 2.30pm client arrived, a sexy horny businessman who wanted a massage experience. There wasn’t much massage going on, I can tell you. He was here for the whole duration and turned up with an expensive bottle of red wine to help pass the time away. The taxi’s were somewhat thin on the ground around 5pm for some reason, maybe that’s because it’s pay day too, who knows, so, as I had only had half a glass of wine I offered to drop him to his city centre hotel. He’s got a full itinerary this weekend and said he would definitely see me again, hopefully in the next month.

It was 6pm before I got back via Sainsbury’s on Gosforth High Street (my usual shop, Gin and Cat Sweets). A very busy day and I am hoping it’s going to be a chockablock weekend because as you all know, I am always horny and ready for more.

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